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ernestomug12_r1_c1Born in Denver, Colorado, Chef Ernesto Arredondo grew up in a Mexican family. At the age of 12, his parents decided to move to the city of El Paso, Texas, where they became local ranchers. He learned at an early age that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living. As a child, Chef Ernesto watched his parents prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch. His parents were well-rounded cooks and instilled the importance of experiencing the many diverse cuisines from around Mexico and the United States. The kitchen at the Arredondo house was always an international one.

In 2006, Ernesto decided to enter the culinary world. This journey has led him through four different countries, where he visited local street markets and learned international food traditions from cooks across the globe. Chef Ernesto also spent his time at the Hyatt Regency Colorado, working alongside world-renowned chefs. He worked with Whole Foods Markets in 2007, and in 2009, worked in catering for the Denver Broncos, where the culinary adventure flourished for a better quality of food.

As corporate chef at Ignite Foodservice Solutions, Chef Ernesto has continued to work with top chefs at manufacturers like Woodstone, creators of world-class pizza ovens, as well as other highly-recognized manufacturers. He leads a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutritious cuisine and believes in preparing fresh, nutritious meals to assist his clients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His goal is to help them make healthier choices and to make them aware that eating healthy doesn’t always mean sacrificing flavor or variety. His clients range from single individuals to families, professional athletes, and local celebrities.

Chef Ernesto resides in Denver and has ventured all over the world to match clients with private chefs who share in his philosophy – opening clients’ eyes to a healthier lifestyle.


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