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ventilation and air handling systems

Avtec, a leading manufacturer of commercial ventilation and air handling systems, continues the innovative tradition of Unified Brands, creating efficient ways to enhance the working environment of the commercial kitchen. Their products represent a breakthrough in energy efficiency, functionality and savings for their excellence in design and ease of use. Each of their commercial kitchen hoods is designed to meet a wide variety of functional needs and budgets. Its full line of dish return conveyors also offers outstanding labor-saving designs for high-volume food preparation. And the versatile Avtec utility distribution systems (UDS) are easy to install, simple to use and built to last.

At its core, Avtec is about efficiency — whether it’s saving energy, time or labor. With a full line of sophisticated, customizable designs, they offer customers exactly the kinds of solutions that fit their foodservice operations’ needs. From the revolutionary EcoArch commercial vent hood to a complete line of conveyors and utility distribution systems, Avtec truly delivers more.

Featured Equipment

CHINOOK Ventilation

Versatile, high-performance kitchen equipment that solves your ventilation challenges, conserves energy and fits your budget.

The value-driven CHINOOK line of commercial kitchen ventilation hoods from Avtec is designed to meet the price-sensitive requirements of foodservice professionals while still delivering quality, performance and versatility for a variety of applications.

EcoArch Ventilation

EcoArch Ventilation

Save money (and the environment) with a cost-effective ventilation system designed to improve air quality and cleanliness. The EcoArch ventilation hood ensures better capture, containment and breakdown of grease molecules and grease vapers. The system features a patented arch design combined with front-mounted, high- velocity exhaust slot cartridges for maximum performance and energy-cost reduction.

EcoAzur Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Available on all Avtec hoods, this systems offers the most efficient control and fastest reaction time by automatically adjusting the exhaust volume for maximum energy savings.

The EcoAzur family of Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems maximizes energy savings during non-peak cooking times. EcoAzur DCKV, with state-of-the-art heat and optic sensors, allows commercial foodservice equipment operators to automatically and safely lowers the level of air exhausted. The EcoAzur saves energy usage on the exhaust fans themselves, with added benefit of limiting the loss of conditioned air within the kitchen.

TAKU Ventilation System

TAKU Ventilation System

Premium kitchen ventilation systems designed for cleaner, more refined, top-of-the line experience. A superior solution for today’s commercial kitchens, the TAKU commercial vent hood system offers the best available technology on the market, designed with custom exterior finished for applications where aesthetics is a critical consideration. Whether it’s curved and tapered fronts, design around columns or round hoods over circular griddles, TAKU offers a premium truly personalized touch.

SimpleSpec Ventilation

Convenient, high-performance kitchen equipment that solve your ventilation challenges and fit your budget.

The budget-driven SimpleSpec line of commercial kitchen ventilation hoods from Avtec are designed to meet the price-sensitive requirements of foodservice professionals while delivering convenience, quality, performance and versatility for a variety of applications.


Utility Distribution Systems (UDS)

Avtec invented the UDS to help commercial kitchens save money and avoid installation hassles with convenient one-point connections for all utilities.

Sleek, Safe & Flexible, Avtec USD provides easy access to all main utilities and a single point of connection for electricity, gas and water as well as steam and condensate return and steam. Each USD is customized to meet specific needs so that all commercial foodservice equipment or just one connection can be assembled and relocated exactly where needed without costly remodeling.

Avtec offers maximum flexibility with four unique USD designs to fit your specific kitchen and budget- from heavy- duty E-Series and medium-duty M-Series to the end-mounted R-series and economy-level loco series. All control system electronics are 24-volt, and solid state, with quick disconnects for easy replacement.


Avtec provides seamless, flexible, and automated scrapping and accumulation solutions to simplify tasks and maximize efficiencies in high-volume kitchens, colleges, banquet halls, convention centers, hotels and many other foodservice designs.

The Bus Trac and slat belt conveyors are engineered to help speed up the cleaning process, minimizing strain on kitchen staff while maximizing sanitation and accumulation. The fabric belt conveyor is specifically designed to make plating for service in banquet situations more efficient, allowing for better speed and wider menu options.

Condensate Hoods

Condensate Hoods

Condensate hoods are needed over dish machines and some steam only equipment. These NSF Listed packages are designed to make selection safe and simple. The SSA-DISH exhaust only condensate canopy is designed to ventilate steam producing cooking equipment, such as automatic dishwashers, and is for use in Type II applications only. Additionally, Avtec offers stainless steel duct risers and stainless steel pantleg ducts for use over conveyor dish machines.

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