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Dish Room Machines

Champion offers a wide range of dish room machines designed to meet each foodservice operation’s unique needs. With everything from compact undercounter dishwasher machines, door-type, flight machines, Rack Conveyors, to waste management systems and Bi-Line Conveyor systems, our machines are the key to preparation, cleaning and serving for any size operation.

Featured Equipment

Undercounter Dishwashers

These compact, efficient and versatile commercial undercounter dishwashing machines are perfect for bars, nursing homes, churches and other small commercial kitchens.

ENERGY STAR® qualified High Temperature undercounter machines and Low Temperature undercounter models that operate quietly with double-wall construction and feature door openings that can accommodate large wares and trays.

Champion Undercounter Dishwashers
Door Type


Champion Commercial Door Type Dishwasher Machines preserve space, water, chemicals and energy while producing sparkling clean dishes. These machines are available in both low temperature and high temperature models that can be easily converted from straight through to corner operations.

Rack Conveyors

Champion Rack Conveyors facilitate high volume dishwashing in dishrooms with limited space. The rack conveyor systems incorporate all the latest technological advances to make our machines the most energy efficient machines on the market.

Rack Conveyors
Flight Machines

Flight Machines

Champion Flight Machines Dishwashers offer high production foodservice operations the efficiency they need. These machines feature electronic sensors that provide massive energy savings by shutting down the pump when in idle and can easily handle as many as 20,000 dishes per hour. Suited for high production food service operations.

Pot, Pan & Rack Washers

Champion offers a complete line of durable pot, pan, utensil and rack washers engineered to provide years of dependable service.

Pot and Pan Washer

Waste Handling System

Champion’s Trisys waste handling system equipment options provide maximum flexibility, energy efficient and sustainable foodwaste handling designed to meet your needs. The pulpers are free standing self-contained units designed to process food, paper and other waste into a semi-dry pulp for disposal.

Circular Conveyors

Champion’s circular conveyor system offers high-volume operations the choice between continuous dish rack or direct drive loading conveyor belts. Champion conveyors can be custom designed for specific applications with a full line of deluxe options to meet the needs of any large foodservice operation.

Circular Conveyor

Bi-Line Conveyor Systems

Bi-Line Conveyors specialize in creating custom innovative solutions in automated soiled ware transportation for the foodservice industries. Our equipment is built to the highest quality and we are able to handle any situation.

Glass washers

The ideal solution for bars and tight spaces, our line of professional glass washers clean and sanitize up to 2,000 glasses per hour. Both the rotary and pass-through models provide up to 12 inches of clearance for taller stemware. The three-pump injection system provides precise chemical dispensing while the upper and lower wash/rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time.


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