10th Day of Christmas Recipe

Christmas Wreath Skewers featuring
the Alto-Shaam Combi


30 Wood Skewers (3-4 inches long)
30 baby Mozzarella balls (to be cold smoked)
30 Basil leaves
15 Cherry tomatoes
30 Slices peppered Salami
15 Artichoke Hearts (quartered)
20 Large Green Olives (to be cold smoked)
30 Black Olives
10-15 pieces Fresh Rosemary for garnish
Wood Chips
Pitcher of Ice


Step 1

Soak a handful of your favorite flavor wood chips overnight. Place wood chips in the smoker box and attached inside of the Alto-Shaam Combi. Then place the pitcher of ice in the bottom of the Combi.

Step 2

Place the baby mozzarella balls and the green olives you wish to cold smoke on a cooking rack that has been placed on a sheet pan. I like to cold smoke with my food near the top of the oven, to get the most out of the smoking process.

Step 3

Turn on the Combi, press the cold smoke button, and smoke for about 15-25 minutes, depending on how smoky you desire.

Step 4

Choose your favorite round platter and line up all ingredients where you can easily access all of them. To each skewer, add mozzarella ball, basil leaf, salami & olives.

Step 5

Change up your order on the food you put on the skewer, it will make for a much more colorful wreath. As you finish making the skewers, place them on your round platter, in layers to form your wreath.

Step 6

Once you are finished with all your skewers, stick the pieces of rosemary under the skewers to make the Christmas wreath.