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Colorado Test Kitchen

Come visit our local test kitchen with a variety of the latest equipment in the industry. Here we provide advice and direction from our equipment and culinary experts.

Our state of the art kitchen located in Denver is the perfect facility for you to see and test out some of the top commercial cooking equipment around.


3700 Havana Street, Suite 208
Denver, Colorado 80239

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Arizona Test Kitchen

Here at Ignite, we understand the value of having great equipment, but more importantly, knowing how to use it.

Join us at our test kitchen in Phoenix, AZ, and see this equipment in action firsthand. In addition to seeing and testing equipment, our fully stocked kitchen can be used for new chain restaurant concepts, menu creation, and hosting culinary events.


5050 S. 40th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85040

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Our chef resources will strike up fresh ideas for your commercial kitchen.


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Our Recipes

Sweet & Smoky Baby Back Ribs

with a Wood Stone Rotisserie

Camarones Ajillo

with an Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

Crab Mac N’ Cheese

using Arcobaleno Pasta Extruder & Pasta Cooker

Cold Smoked Raw Salmon

with an Alto-Shaam Combi

Apple Kugel

with an Alto-Shaam Combitherm Oven

Italian-Style Margherita Pizza

with a Wood Stone wood-fired oven

Ignite Bacon

with an Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

Cedar Planked Salmon

with a Wood Stone Oven

Caramel Apple Mini Cheesecake

with an Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

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