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By utilizing industry-leading technology, ExBio continues to be at the forefront of food waste reduction with easy-to-use, safe and reliable, eco-friendly products.

ExBio has developed solutions for decomposition and elimination of food waste. Exbio’s Aerobic Food Digesters are able to handle small to large kitchen based output and will handle large industrial scale food waste processing plants.

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EX Digester Series


  • Turn food waste into grey water within 24 hours and discharge into local wastewater system
  • Proprietary Aerobic Technology; ExBio Enzyme 159 Catalyst and Bio Star Accelerator
  • Safe and easy operation with minimal maintenance
  • Real time monitoring of ingested and digested food quantity
  • Minimizes unpleasant odors and operates quietly
  • Hygienic working environment reduces pests and vermin
  • No solid waste output to manage
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Reduce food waste disposal in conventional landfills
  • Reduce ground water contamination
  • Reduce overall labor and lower conventional garbage hauling expense
  • Turns food waste into water and carbon dioxide
  • Lower carbon footprint
EX Digester Series

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