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Hubbell water heaters and water heating systems are trusted all over the world by engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, specifiers, architects, and more. Whatever the application, fuel source, or industry, Hubbell can provide a solution to your water heating needs.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S., Hubbell products are built with only the highest quality materials and technologies including Hydrastone cement, stainless steel, and digital controls.

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Booster Heater

Foodservice Electric Booster Heater – For Use in Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants To Supply 180°F Sanitizing Rinse Water
The Hubbell J Model is the longest lasting booster heater available because it utilizes a heavy duty ASME Section VIII designed, constructed and stamped all stainless steel tank which does not require an internal tank lining. Other manufacturers use a non ASME steel tank with an internal lining that can easily erode in high temperature water and eventually leaves the bare steel tank exposed to the corrosive effects of water. Once this occurs, it is only a short time before the steel tank will begin to rust, leak and need replacement.

Hubbell did not just improve tank design – their booster is also equipped (as standard) with the advanced functionality of an electronic temperature controller to provide accurate, reliable, and energy efficient operation while simplifying service work. The Hubbell booster’s closed cell foam insulation also improves operating efficiency and reduces the cost of operation.

Booster Heater
Tankless Booster Heater

Tankless Booster Heater

The Hubbell model JTX Tankless electric booster heater is a highly reliable and easily maintained heater designed for operation in your commercial kitchen. The Hubbell JTX Tankless heater is compact, extremely efficient, takes up no floor space, and reduces operating costs. Hubbell’s vast experience, meticulous engineering and advanced technology ensure that you can rely on the model JTX for your sanitizing rinse needs. The Hubbell JTX Tankless Booster Heater is the right choice for your booster heating requirements, as you will be providing your customer with a quality product that is long lasting, trouble-free and energy efficient.

Sink Water Heater

The Hubbell Sanitizing Sink Heater (JSK) provides a consistent and continuous supply of sanitizing rinse water for manual warewashing applications such as 3 or 4 compartment sinks, pot and pan sinks and bar sinks.

Hubbell water heaters
Compact Foodservice Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater

Compact Foodservice Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater

The Hubbell J1SSA is a compact point-of-use water heater which does not take up any floor space and eliminate the need for long pipe runs from a central heater. The J1SSA is simple to install and operates with all types of fixtures. The Model J1SSA does not require a special faucet aerator or any type of low restricting device and will not alter the performance or appearance of a fixture. The Model J1SSA is an ideal choice for many foodservice applications where point of use hot water is required. Its rugged construction ensures reliable and trouble free operation and is backed by a full five (5) year non pro-rated tank warranty and (1) year parts/labor warranty. It makes sense to specify and install a Hubbell J1SSA because it will provide the owner with a reliable, long lasting, and trouble-free source for hot water.

Storage Tanks

The Hubbell Storage Vessel incorporates a number of features not found in other conventional tanks which makes it better suited to resist the highly corrosive effects of hot water. Hubbell can build a storage tank to suit any demand, water type or area classification is a superior storage vessel which utlizes a specially formulated Hydrastone cement lining, Non-Ferrous threaded tank openings all of which ensure a longer lasting and energy efficient water heater.

When you specify and install a Hubbell Storage Tank, you will have confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a long lasting, trouble-free water heater.

Hubbell water heaters
Hubbell Model HydraWash

Pressure Washing Sanitization System: HydraWash

The HydraWash is the most complete pressure washing system available. The HydraWash system delivers high pressure and high temperature water in one turnkey package to deliver fast and effective cleaning and sanitization. Hot water is a proven resource to help emulsify dirt, grease and residue from surfaces, so the HydraWash systems pairing of 140 degrees F hot water and 2gpm of 1000 psi delivery the best results possible. The HydraWash system offers total hot water temperature control and the integrated tankless hot water heater supplies the hot water so you never deplete the critical hot water supply needed in the kitchen for essential cooking equipment. HydraWash maximizes efficacy rates while saving precious resources making it the most advanced cleaning system in the industry.

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