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Air curtains or Air doors create a seamless, invisible air barrier over any exterior opening (including windows, doors, dock doors, cold storage doors, customer front entrances, and patio entrances as well as support internal separations within buildings) that provides a myriad of benefits. Through the separation of environments, air doors save energy by protecting climatized air, inhibit the entry of dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and flying insects, reduce the stress on HVACR equipment reducing in less spend, and give operators greater control over their environment.

Mars Air Systems manufactures high-quality air curtains (sometimes knows as air doors, fly fans, and over-door blowers) and has been a leader in the industry for over 50 years.

Featured Equipment

Mars UVC®

A Building Block for True Sanitation
Mars UVC® air curtains reduce the biological load within a confined space to provide room-wide protection. The UVC module continuously cleans the internal components, preventing any biological growth, and providing a sanitized passage for air.

Provides the Clean You Need
With the help of Mars UVC® air curtains, you’ll be better suited to protect vulnerable foodservice prep and service areas from things like dust, pathogens, and debris. In addition, greatly reduce the build-up of ethylene from food items like fruits and produce, and significantly minimize oil accumulation in the air, allowing for a cleaner and healthier cooking environment.

Mars UVC® is Perfectly Suited For:

Dry goods and produce storage
Walk-in coolers
Frying and cooking stations
Organic waste collection containers and autoclaves

DoughXpress Automatic Dough Press

Quiet Pro Series

Only Mars brings industry advancements such as the noise-reducing QuietPro™ that boasts half the perceived noise output of traditional air curtains via an internal dampening design and anti-vibration technology. An elliptical shape enhances the most refined settings without any compromise on the rigorous Mars performance standards. The unit boasts a lightweight anodized aluminum finish and an airfoil directional vane to minimize air performance loss.

High Velocity

Strong enough for industrial applications, the HV (High Velocity) series features 1 horsepower motor(s) strong enough to take on significant wind loads.
Mounting heights up to 14′


Standard 2 Air Curtains

Air Curtains (Standard)
This commercial and industrial hybrid features a ½ horsepower power motor(s).

Mounting height up to 12″

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