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Power Soak

Power Soak

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As a leader in continuous motion ware washing, Unified Brands delivers superior performance specifically developed for today’s most demanding commercial kitchens. With cost-saving efficiency, automated process control and optimal space utilization at the forefront, our innovative Power Soak commercial ware washing systems provide reliable cleaning and sanitizing of pots, pans and utensils for foodservice operations of every size and scope.

At the heart of the Power Soak story is a steadfast commitment to quality — both in the design of our products and in the way your employees use them every day. That’s why we offer more opportunities than ever to customize our equipment to fit your operation’s unique needs. Whether it’s accommodating a particular size restriction or equipping your model with precisely the right features for your staff, Power Soak is truly built for you. And from the advanced Power Soak Generation 4 to the time-tested Silver Soak, Skewer Soak and Produce Soak, every product we offer complements a broad array of constantly improving options and accessories for all of your sanitizing needs.

With more powerful and consistent wash action than the competition, Power Soak makes it easy to reduce overall water and energy consumption, cut labor costs by more than half and — most importantly — focus on providing exceptional quality and service to every customer.

Featured Equipment

Power Prep

Power Prep’s patented wash action cleans produce and thaws proteins in one ergonomically efficient package.  This system offers the most ergonomically efficient method available in the marketplace today for optimal dislodging of debris and bacteria from produce.  By removing soil and harmful contaminants from hard-to-reach places with a gentle wash action, these systems contribute to greater food safety and longer shelf life.  This system also thaws proteins and dramatically reduces the time it takes for frozen product to be ready for use. 

Cooper Atkins

Power Soak

Continuous motion ware-washing systems maximize cleaning power and give kitchens an advantage in performance and versatility.  Power Soak delivers superior wash action that’s gentler, quieter, more ergonomic and more efficient than ever.  Power Soak provides the power to tackle even the toughest baked-on food soils with minimal scrubbing helping your team focus less on manual labor and more serving guests.

Silver Soak

Silver Soak’s one-pass warewashing provides clean, spotless silverware while reducing labor and pre-soak chemical costs. It’s space-saving footprint, innovative design and efficient performance, the Silver Soak pre-warewashing system is the perfect solution for ensuring clean, sanitary silverware the first time.

Silver Soak
Skewer Soak

Skewer Soak

This continuous washing system virtually eliminates hand-scrubbing so commercial kitchens can reduce or re-allocate labor. With space for up to 16 commercial skewers, the Skewer Soak warewashing system helps increase efficiency while dramatically reducing labor costs

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