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Commercial Refrigeration equipment representing the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance.

Unified Brand’s complete line of Randell commercial refrigerators, from our high performing standard models to our built-for-you custom models, are designed to help foodservice professionals do more than ever, whether it’s increasing shelf life, storing a wide variety of food products at once or expanding menus with more appealing choices to keep customers coming back.

For more than 35 years, Randell has been the professional standard in commercial refrigeration equipment across the country — representing the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance. Designed to take on the toughest cooling challenges, Randell offers a range of innovative solutions for today’s ever-changing foodservice industry, from our patented FX Series precision refrigeration line to our assortment of prep table solutions, refrigerated chef stands, blast chillers and more.

Flexibility is always a top priority for operators, especially when space is at a premium. That’s why Randell is proud to provide a series of leading edge standard products along with our modular, custom solutions that deliver all the high-performance features customers demand — all in a versatile footprint that’s manageable in kitchens and prep areas of all sizes.

As always, Randell’s exclusive design elements ensure consistent food quality and safety, reduce wear and make cleaning and maintenance quick and simple. That adds up to more confidence for operators and staff — and the added efficiency translates to energy and labor savings that help improve your bottom line.

Featured Equipment

Custom Chef Service Counters

Customize your modular Randell Chef Service Counter for a more permanent line-up by modifying the standard offering. Spline your independent roll-in equipment with the module for an unchanging flow with even cleaner lines. Or make it your own by creating the ultimate singular line-up by having your Chef Service Counter custom fabricated from scratch.

Custom Chef Counter
Modular Chef Counter

Modular Chef Service Counters

Randell Modular Chef Service Counters allow you to create your own “fabricated” counter without the complexity and cost of customizing from the group up. These Chef Service Counters include 36 standard modules. Considering all of the options, Randell Modular Chef Service Counters have 1,620 different combinations. Whatever your floorplan, there’s a counter for you.

Prep Stations

Randell prep tables offer unsurpassed performance in the toughest commercial kitchen environments. Their standard and customer designed solutions are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the United States, plus the country’s fastest growing fast/casual chain and most popular restaurants that serve sushi, sandwiches and salads, chicken, Mexican food and more.

Serving Lines

Serving Lines

Randell’s serving line offering is a complete mobile food systems solution. Featuring a variety of available finishes and aesthetics, they are the ultimate in flexibility-fitting to your operation’s specific menu and space with interlocking cafeteria-style serving units, as well as fully customizable designs that easily adapt to future changes.

FX Series

Commercial refrigeration is all about keeping the cold with the food and that is exactly what the patented design of Randell’s FX Series system does. The FX Series features an insulated refrigerated tub on drawer slides that keeps the cold with the food as you access the storage cavity and its horizontal seal keeps the cold air in, keeping temperatures consistent while reducing stress on the unit’s compressor.

FX Series
Blast Chiller

Blast Chillers

With Randell blast chillers, operators enjoy enhanced product quality, high-volume production accuracy, increased savings and improved food safety. The specially engineered laminar (cross-product) air flow allows cooling with pan covers on, all with no spills, no dry-out and minimized cross-flavor transfer.

Chef Bases

Elevate your commercial foodservice operation with high-performing, durable kitchen equipment stands and bases. With Randell, operators can rest assured that they are not only getting well-built, high-performance refrigeration equipment, they are also getting the most customizable kitchen equipment as well. Randell’s flexible sizing allows customers to specify any equipment stand configuration that suits their needs.

Chefs Station
Drop Ins


Randell’s hot and cold drop-ins are specifically designed to keep hot and cold products within their safe temperature zone for extended periods of time. Randell offers a wide range of styles including, cold-wall conductive cooling, mechanical frost tops, cold wells, hot wells and combination wells for both hot and cold product.

Hot Food Tables

Designed to complement Randell’s line of performance-driven prep tables, there selection of hot food tables outshines the competition with precision control. These hot food tables feature a standard plate shelf design providing handy storage or utensils for the operators, while additional options like caster, counter protectors and tray slides make these until truly functional additions into the commercial kitchen.

Hot Food Tables

Pizza Hot Holding Cabinets

Randell Pizza Hot Holding Cabinets are designed to foster an impressive recovery time and maintain a consistent temperature range even when the door is opened multiple times. These cabinets feature a full-height door with a solid core foam that is cook to the touch, making it safe for staff.

The double-pan insulated glass Dutch design of the door allows for quick visibility, making inventory easy in a fast-paced kitchen and a perfect fit for pizza ready-to-go programs.

Mobile Serving Carts

Reach more customers and expand foodservice participation with Randell’s versatile and multi-functional, plug and play mobile serving cards. These units can be used to boost nutrition programs by offering more grab-and-go options to busy school students or delivering meals more efficiently to residents of senior living facilities and admitted hospital patients. Designed to serve both meals and snacks conveniently and remotely, this equipment is the perfect solution for supplementing foodservice in the K-12 school, college/university or hospitality setting.


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