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Spray Master Technologies is the world’s highest quality pressure washing system available. Since 1987, SMT has been providing high quality pressure washers to restaurants (both fine dining and quick service) and the commercial foodservice industry.  Each design, including the unique central system configuration, incorporates the highest quality components and design for exceptional cleaning in large facilities while saving labor, chemicals, water, and money.

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Central Systems


In 2017, Spray Master Technologies redefined the pressure washer with the introduction of the Momentum Series, an industry first line of intelligent pressure cleaning systems. With the ability to program different remote locations with different pressure, water volume, and temperature, the Momentum series allows indoor and outdoor cleaning with one unit and the pressure, volume, and temperature that is right for each application.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Spray Master Technologies systems are as easy to use as the flip of a switch. Also, the many built in safety features will ensure your Spray Master Technologies system keeps your facility clean for many years to come.

Commercial quality, ease of use, and best in class performance combine to provide the absolute best solutions for a clean and sanitary facility.

SMT Central System Momentum Plus

Wall Mount Systems


A wall mount pressure cleaning system offers an effective and efficient way to clean targeted areas in your facility. Always ready to go, the wall mount system offers the ability to clean at the flip of a switch. With up to two chemical injectors, it also allows for accurate metering of your preferred soap and sanitizing agent.

Wall mounted hose reels offer up to 100’ of high pressure hose storage to maximize your reach with a single unit.

All wall mount units are compatible with SMT’s time saving and effective accessories including the Hummer Jet, Trap Shooter, and Wall & Tile Brush. The power and efficiency of an SMT wall mount paired with their own line of effective cleaning accessories will provide you an unmatched clean.

SMT Wall Mount System

Portable Systems


SMT offers four portable pressure washer systems that are each made with quality and safety in mind. Each system is designed to make transporting them easy, even through rough exterior terrain. Built to last, these portable systems are as efficient and effective as the SMT wall-mount systems, able to withstand the tough conditions associated with exterior cleaning.

Save on water usage (SMT systems use up to 75% less water than a garden hose) and cut down on energy costs, labor, and time spent cleaning. Each system requires little setup time, so just plug it in, turn it on, and start cleaning!

SMT Portable Washing System

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