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Spring Air knows that creating great food is top priority in your kitchen, however, having clean air is the number one ingredient that you need to add for optimal success. Fresh, clean air is something that Spring Air has been specializing in within the foodservice industry for nearly three decades. They specialize in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of ventilation systems and products that have earned an industry reputation for innovation and energy savings.

Featured Equipment

Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust Hoods:

Exhaust hoods are the foundation for Spring Air’s good reputation for energy savings, and they are the core of most of the Spring Air installs. They offer a wide range of hoods that provide low exhaust flow using the efficiency of natural convection, individual adjustable settings to match the appliances, and the comfort needs of the staff.

Energy Efficient:

DynaFlow and RevLow hood lines are known for their low air flow and energy efficiency. The DynaFlow exhaust hood reduces energy costs by controlling and minimizing air flow to different kitchen areas, creating a more comfortable environment for kitchen staff. It can deliver fresh air to targetted appliances, while directing it away from cooking and plating areas.


The TruFlow demand ventilation controller is the cornerstone of our energy-efficient ventilation systems. Engineered and manufactured by Spring Air Systems, it comes in models designed for different kitchen sizes, appliance line-ups, energy savings goals and budgets.

Performance & Reliability:
The TruFlow constantly monitors and calibrates exhaust air to match appliances in use, enabling exhaust hoods and fans, volume dampers and supply air units to work perfectly in unison with one another while maximizing energy efficiency.

Exhaust Filtration Units

Exhaust Filtration Units
Spring Air KES exhaust filtration system is a great solution for difficult ventilation installations. By filtering grease and smoke particulate it allows air to be exhausted at street level. The system enables commercial kitchens to be built in high-rise towers without the need for costly ductwork to the roof.

Engineered Grease Ducts

Van Packer Grease Ducts
Spring Air Systems is a distributor of the Van-Packer line of pre-fabricated and listed grease ducts, manufactured with precision and known for their versatility. They’re easy to install and an ideal fit with all of our mechanical components in wide range of kitchen and building environments.

Performance & Reliability
Performance-run tested and listed liquid-tight joints reduce installation time and offers peace of mind.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans
Spring Air offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor exhaust fans in all popular voltages, manufactured by industry leader Loren Cook Company.

Performance & Reliability
Spring Air Systems offers the most popular types of exhaust fans, which are upblast roof exhaust fans, and utility vent sets.

Fire Suppression Units

Fire Suppression Systems
Fire suppression systems are a vital part of commercial kitchen ventilation systems and important for staff safety and peace of mind. Spring Air is an authorized distributor of Ansul fire protection products that use liquid suppression agents.

Performance & Reliability
Spring Air Systems offers utilizes the Ansul fire protection products, which are known for being an industry leader of fire suppression. We don’t short cut safety, and neither does Ansul.

Supply Air Units

Supply Air Units from Spring Air
Spring Air Systems offers indoor and outdoor supply air units for a wide range of commercial kitchen settings and supply air requirements. Our own indirect-fired unit is ideal for applications where fresh air is required or direct-fired units are not permitted.

Performance & Reliability
Spring Air Systems also offers direct-fired units made by AbsoluteAire that provide maximum combustion efficiency and energy savings.

Volume Dampers

Zoneflow Volume Dampers:
The Zoneflow volume damper from Spring Air Systems controls air flow from individual kitchen exhaust hoods, optimizing energy usage. The ZM model modulates to control hood exhaust flow to match the appliances under the hood that are in use. The ZH model is used to manually balance multiple hoods connected to a single exhaust fan.

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