Welcome Philip Ogle to Ignite Northwest!

April 25, 2022

About Phillip Ogle, Territory Manager – Oregon & Washington

Phillip has worked in sales for 20 years, entering this industry 8 years ago with MicroMatic, growing the entire time, moving to Lancer to manage the Western states and then promoted to National Sales Director Draft Dispense before settling here, with Ignite. The most important thing to Phillip is taking care of his family. Phillip has 7 children, and is proud to be married for 22 beautiful years, through the thick and thin of everything. He embraces the phrase “work hard/play hard”.

Entering this position is exciting because Phillip loves to travel and interact with people, the past two years have been hard not connecting in person with his clients.

Phillip’s personal philosophy is that this position is more of a consultant than a salesperson. He wants to help build the restaurant and create the dream his clients have. There is joy in helping and creating a restaurant. Being able to “turn around and take your kids to the same restaurant, that’s what gets [him] up each day,” says Phillip Ogle.

“With the challenging lead times and product availability today in our industry, it’s so important
to have great relationships in place or you are going to struggle. I consider some customers to
be like family,” Phillip Ogle states, “the good relationships keep you through the bad days that
might come.”

Phone: (360) 742-2959
Email: phil@ignitefoodservice.com

Phil Ogle
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