Arcobaleno Makes Everything Pastable

September 20, 2022

Fresh pasta may sound overwhelming to launch as a new program but Ignite Foodservice Solutions and Arcobaleno inspire pasta menus in a whole new way.

Arcobaleno is the ONLY FULL-SERVICE pasta machine supplier in Canada and the United States, manufacturing in Lancaster, PA. This company has everything for fresh pasta, from milling your own flour to extruders to cookers to virtual service technicians. The innovative design from Arcobaleno meets the challenges and adapts to the supply chain issue and the labor shortage – from producing in large batches to flexible, precise, consistent cooking equipment making it easy to operate, even for staff new to the industry. This company has thought of everything, helping Ignite find solutions to all your pasta problems.

Design Your Dough

To create endless possibilities take it all the way back to the beginning. Mill your own fresh flour, giving you the power to design your dough. Arcobaleno’s “Luna” Flour Mill allows you to dial into fresh, vibrant flavors starting from your flour:
• Semolina
• Durum
• Whole Wheat
• Gluten-Free
• Double Zero
• Purple Barley
• Emmerspelt
• Farro
• Buckwheat
• Rye

. Arcobaleno’s “Luna” Flour Mill
Expand Creatively, Design Your Dough
Pasta Pocket Guide

Formidable Forms

Now that your flour is prepped, pop it into one of the many Arcobaleno extruders. Between the pasta extruders, ravioli machines, cappelletti machines, gnocchi, and machines the size and shape of your pastas are limitless. Explore the pasta shape catalogs for each machine type and use their handy pocket guide to pick the perfect die:

With countertop extruders for small spaces these give even intimate venues the ability to up their pasta game. These countertop pieces produce starting at 20lbs/hour. 

For the larger, high-volume establishments, Arcobaleno’s industrial extruders produce up to 400lbs/hour.

Arcobaleno’s Industrial Extruders
Arcobaleno’s line of pasta dryers allow staff to batch large amounts of pasta and extend the pastas shelf life. Again, these vary in size and capacity, ensuring there is a Pasta Dryer perfect for your space. The Small Batch Artisan Dryer begins at an 80lbs fresh pasta capacity while the ASD200 runs at 1600lbs fresh pasta capacity.

Impeccable Execution & Inexhaustible Flexibility

After dedicating so much time and effort into making your perfect pasta, Arcobaleno has pasta cookers to make consistent, repeatable, perfectly cooked pasta. Ignite wants you to take control of consistency:

•Pasta cookers with 3 position temperature controls, create precise environments for specific pastas.
•A range of basket sizes that can be configured to changing menus and changing demand during service.
•Continuous water flow.
•Electric or gas, specific to your needs.

Can’t get an ingredient? Ignite and Arcobaleno have the solution.

Swap a die on your extruder, change the pasta cooker temperature, adjust basket configuration and you are ready to go with a new featured menu item, a staff that can execute it immediately with the preset controls and happy customers who are none the wiser that there was an issue at all.

Just like their other product lines, the pasta cookers come in a variety of sizes to complete a full fresh pasta program, even in the tightest of spaces.

Pasta Basket Operations

Finishing Touches

With equipment from Arcobaleno boosting originality in fresh pasta programs, they have other products to complement any dish you create. The Fly Wheels slice prosciutto to your preferred thinness while looking stunning in the space. You can even customize the color.

There is a full line of pizza equipment, bain-maries to hold your sauces and soups, sheeters, and drying racks.

Arcobaleno Equipment
With all the care and thought put into the design of Arcobaleno products, Ignite knows they solve more than just pasta problems. Reach out today to see how Ignite can help cut labor hours with large batch pasta production and reduced training. And, if you want to see this equipment in action, Ignite Foodservice Solutions is holding a National Pasta Day event on October 25th. Reserve your spot today and experience Arcobaleno.

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