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August 19, 2022

We have all made rice in our lifetimes and we have all made it wrong. Whether the issue is too much water, too little water, overcooking, or even burning, rice can ruin your day. Wood Stone has the solution you need to make your rice correctly and consistently.

Solve Your Labor Shortage

If you are a multi-unit operator you know that the labor shortage is real and so are higher wages. This piece of equipment helps with both. The Gas Rice Cooker is easy and safe. The programmable interface reduces training time for new hires, allowing you to bring in less skilled workers. It also cooks, holds, and serves from the same pan. This cuts hours of dishwashing multiple pans, freeing more time for other points of production while reducing the risk of scalding from batching hot rice from one container to another.

Consistent and Flexible

With brown rice possessing a CAGR of 4.57%, you need to carry brown and white rice. The Gas Rice Cooker allows you to cook 3 different pans at once. This gives you the ability to mix and match the products you are cooking at the same time according to your demand. It can cook 300 cups of rice in under 2 hours OR 200 cups of white rice and 80 cups of brown rice in just over 2 hours. This flexibility keeps you ahead of the curve in following market trends. And the option to program 3 different cook settings makes the rice consistent EVERY time. Set one for white rice, one for brown rice, and a third could be a different grain altogether, like quinoa.

Show Off Your Energy Savings

Whether sustainability is part of your brand or not, cost savings definitely are. The Gas Rice Cooker reduces dishwashing by using one pan for cooking, holding and serving saving on water there AND Wood Stone’s Boil Sense Technology uses up to 40% less fuel saving on that gas bill.

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