Go GREEN Every Day with Invacus ♻️

April 22, 2022

With Henkelman and Invacus, you can go green every day, not just Earth Day. Our products help with a green initiative by reducing food waste and minimizing plastic use.

What is GreenVAC?

GreenVAC is an environmentally friendly, reusable vacuum packaging system, designed for products that are sensitive to pressure, such as salad or berries, to be directly vacuum packaged and conveniently stored.

GreenVAC lengthens the storage life of products and is very beneficial for takeout, home delivery foods, and catering activities.

GreenVAC IS the solution for sustainable and smart cooking.

What is GreenVAC

Perks of GreenVAC?


Fresh products


Reduced waste


Longer Storage Times


No Bacteria Build Up


No Chemical Reactions

Talk to an expert today, and find what GreenVAC product is best for you.

Make your life easier with GreenVAC packaging systems today!

All of these exciting options are available to discuss both onsite, over the phone or in an Ignite Kitchen.

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