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March 18, 2022

We all know that if you want the best finished product, you have to start with the best tools. So if you want the best pizza, you need to use the best pans! Chicago Metallic Pans to be exact. Their large selection of pans ensure that your baking needs are met. From traditional thin and thick crust pans to their Detroit Style and EXACT STACK® Deep Dish pans, they have what you need.
Chicago Metallic

Not all pizza is created equal, and neither are pizza pans!

From square to rectangular to round, from plain coatings to premium non-stick coatings, Chicago Metallic has designed and manufactured pans for some of the leading pizza and quick service restaurants in the United States. Their team can create a custom pan with the best material and coating for your operation.

Chicago Metallic Pizza Pans

Key Pizza Pan Options

MATERIAL: Pans are available in either standard aluminum or BĀKALON. The BĀKALON pans provide optimal strength, durability, and thermal conductivity. This ultra-hard, aluminum oxide surface provides a nearly permanent protective dark gray cooking surface that will not chip, peel, rust, or interact with food. They use nothing but top quality materials.

COATING: BĀKALON pans can be provided plain or with AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze. When you pre-seasoned a pan with this glaze, it will not require seasoning during the life of the pan. This helps improve sanitation and reduces the use of oil. Aluminum pans can be provided plain, with AMERICOAT ePlus glaze or one of the premium non- stick coatings, DuraShield® and OptiShield®.

CUSTOMIZATION: Need custom sizes, mold designs, or configurations? The Ignite Team, in partnership with Chicago Metallic, can help make sure you get the right product at the right price.

Straight Sidewall
Deep Dish
Detroit Style

To learn more about the Chicago Metallic Pizza Pan, check out this video:

All of these exciting options are available to discuss both onsite, over the phone or in an Ignite Kitchen.

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