Hot & New Solutions -Series Part I

August 27, 2021

Structural Concepts

Same Hard-Working Case with Double the Space!

Introducing Oasis High Environment Self-Service Dual Sided Cases

  • Self-contained refrigeration with a more robust condenser package that removes defrost water faster with the aid of wicks and an extra-large, 750-watt overflow pan.
  • Triple pane glass on optional cutaway end panels more effectively resists condensation.
  • Roll down cover with air over design prevents condensation.
  • Electrocoated evaporator coil provides the greatest corrosion protection.

Reveal More Flexibility AND Functionality!

New Reveal Convertible Service Above Refrigerated Service Cases

  • Breeze~E (Type-ll) w/ EnergyWise s/c refrigeration
  • Blue Fin coated coil
  • Clear glass shelf, lighted (LED 3500K) in the upper display
  • Compressor air intake from the rear and out-front panel at toe kick.
  • Condensate pan (self-contained refrigeration only)
  • Convertible baffle in the upper display
  • Fixed vertical glass
  • Integrated average product temperature of 40°F or less
  • One-piece formed ABS plastic tub
Reveal Display Case

Smart Solution by IMC Teddy

Save Valuable Floor & Wall Space!

FTC Corner Floor Troughs

  • Make the most out of that dead corner and available floor space.
  • Better efficiency & results for your business by draining those hard to reach areas.
  • Promotes safety & hygiene.
  • FTC-30 comes with & without the signature perforated grating.
Quantum Foodservice

Endless BOH Solutions by Quantum

From efficient clean up with heavy-duty bussing tubs to maximizing storage space with Corner Wire Shelving and Smart Grid Mount System, Quantum offers a multitude of BOH solutions to keep your operations flowing! Click Below for New Product Bulletin PDF’s

Bussing Tubs & Utility Boxes

Box Wire Shelving

Millenia Pro Shelving

 Pizza Dough Boxes

Corner Wire Shelving

Smart Grid Mount System

With all of these exciting new products on the market, let the Ignite Sales Team walk you through your many options onsite or over the phone.

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