Introducing the NEW Randell Cheeser Station!

July 20, 2021

The Randell Cheeser Station™ is finally here!

What the heck is a Cheeser Station? We’re so glad you asked!

It’s the latest “prep table” by Randell, specifically designed to help pizza restaurants control costs for their most expensive ingredient – cheese.

The Cheeser Station’s simple but practical self-contained design helps give pizza operators 100% cheese utilization. Any shreds that don’t land on the pizza end up back in the 25-pound holding bin – not on the floor or prep table. Best of all you’ll see a return on your investment in as little as 6 months… that’s what we call a SMART investment!

Introducing the NEW Randell Cheeser Station!
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Save Time.  Save Money.  And Stay Cheesy with a Randall Cheese Station.

The Cheeser Station Benefits

Create Consistency, Reduce Waste & Save Money!

Imagine seven cents of cheese dropping on the floor every time you make a pizza. Then an employee picks it up and throws it away. Now imagine this happening regularly every single day leading to thousands of dollars of profit thrown in the garbage!

Unfortunately, this happens to pizza operations across the country through cheese waste. Every shred of cheese that doesn’t land on the pizza – turns into costly waste. That’s especially true for operations that must deal with roller coaster fluctuations of volatile cheese prices.

We also know that consistency is critical to earning customer loyalty. Despite the common joke that even bad pizza is still pretty good, if your product is consistently good, your customers will consistently come back. Because of that, the pressure is high to create a consistent, exciting product while eliminating waste whenever possible.

Let the Ignite Team show you how to start saving now.

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