K-12 Foodservice Equipment Solutions – Series Part II

November 8, 2021

Imagine how hectic it can be to cook at home for yourself and your family. Preparation doesn’t begin until the school day ends, everyone wants to eat something different, and clean up can last well past bedtime. Now, imagine preparing and serving food for an entire lunchroom of hungry students. We at Ignite Foodservice want to make the K-12 foodservice experience as convenient and efficient as possible.


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Unified Brands: A Dover Company

With a goal of delivering healthy and nutritious food to growing school children, Unified Brands has created a top to bottom white paper illuminating areas to increase cost-saving and student participation in K-12 school cafeterias.

In today’s school cafeteria kitchens, Unified Brands steamers, braising pans, steam-jacketed kettles, from Groen, serving units and lines from Randell, and pot and pan warewashing and produce washing equipment from Power Soak, can be uniquely designed to meet the needs of every school nutrition program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed what the common school day—let alone traditional lunch—looks like. Unified Brands foodservice equipment can help boost your K-12 operations while addressing COVID-centric challenges.

    Unified Brands K12

    You may not have made the entire mess, but you are going to have to clean it all up after lunchtime. Why not let Champion make sure you get the right model to use in your K-12 operations?

    Door Type

    Door Type – DH6000 series

    • Tall version for sheet pans
    • HMI touchscreen controls
    • On-board service diagnostics
    • Autostart, auto drain, and auto-fill
    Rack Conveyors

    Conveyor – PRO series

    • Available in ventless, no hood required
    • PROactive jam avoidance tech
    • Factory-authorized Start-up
    • Energy Star
    Vitamix Commercial

    Vitamix, Enough Said

    For your K-12 operations, Vitamix Commercial has the tools and a few recipes to make classrooms more healthy and productive. A Vitamix machine enhances your school menu with delicious, healthy options, makes it easy to incorporate new standards and allows small staffs to create more food in less time.

    Vitamix takes the guesswork out of picking what your K-12 operations need with the School Recipe Card, featuring the Vita-Prep® 3, the Vitamix XL®, and exclusive recipes to get the most out of your foodservice equipment.


    Panasonic’s commercial foodservice equipment is designed with value in mind, backed by legendary expertise. Large capacity, ventless Sonic Steamer ovens offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative to a “traditional” model. The 2100 Watt and the 3200 Watt commercial microwave Sonic Steamer ovens are perfect for your K-12 operations. Panasonic will have your most picky eater finishing their broccoli.

    Cooper Atkins

    Food quality paired with food quantity is nothing if your K-12 operations aren’t efficient and compliant. Ignite Foodservice Solutions trusts Cooper-Atkins® to ensure you are accurate to the highest degree. 

    Cooper-Atkins™ Pen Style Digital Pocket Test Thermometer is now waterproof! The thermistor sensor is located in the reduced tip for accurate readings and a quick response time of less than six seconds. The waterproof digital thermometer is NSF certified and has an automatic shut-off feature. 

    The NotifEye™ cloud-based temperature monitoring and notification system is a low-cost wireless solution that is self-installable and ready to use out-of-the-box.  NotifEye™ can be used on many applications including Refrigerator/Freezers, Walk-in/Reach-ins, Prep Areas, Dry Storage, Salad/Deli Bars, Steam Tables, Open Air cases, Hot Holding Cabinets and more!  Looking to eliminate manual data logs and ensure consistent, accurate tracking of temperatures?  Let us show you how!

    UCG Undercounter Series

    Cooper-Atkins™ rounds out your K-12 equipment toolbelt with the HACCP Manager™ Kit. The HACCP Manager™ Kit provides the software, hardware and PC interface for the collecting, reporting, analyzing, and storing of product temperature records and checklist documentation.

    Whew, that was a blog full! Say “Unified Brands, Champion, Vitamix, Panasonic, and Cooper-Atkins.” five times fast. Better yet, Ignite Foodservice Solutions’ team of K-12 experts are here to help your K-12 facility upgrade and innovate from floor to ceiling.

    With all of these exciting new products on the market, let the Ignite Sales Team walk you through your many options onsite or over the phone.

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