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October 25, 2022

Univex - Over 70 Expert Years
With 70 years of expert work, you always receive The Univex Standard. Since 1948 Univex has prided itself on having rugged, durable products that withstand the test of time coupled with unbelievably competitive pricing. Those two things make any Univex product a great investment, but their benefits do not stop there.

Kitchen Labor

With the extended labor shortage in the foodservice industry, you’ve got to get creative to keep production matching demand. One way to do that is make time consuming kitchen prep faster. No matter your concept, Univex has a tool to help you speed up prep, so you can operate with the less employees without compromising consistency.

Fresh Dough Prep For All Applications

Univex dough processing lines cover everything, and all the lines come with various capacities and footprints to match your operation.

Find the mixer that matches your space from 20QTs to 80QT capacities to built-in lifters, these mixers can be used in pizzerias, bakeries, or large-scale production sites. Make the work even easier with spiral bowl lifters by Univex. These are designed for large scale dough production and keep your staff safe, by removing the danger of a back injury or needing multiple people to lift and dump 200kg (about 440.92 lb.) of dough.

Planetary & Spiral Mixers

  • Perfect for pizzerias, bakeries, commissaries
  • Models capable of processing 80QTs at a time
  • Built-in lifters for large batch processing
Planetary Mixer
Once you have the mixer for your specific dough applications, automatic dough rounders eliminate costly dough prep time. They combine portioning the dough and shaping it into one piece of equipment, freeing up time and space in your kitchen. These machines can process up to 1900-9300 doughballs an hour, depending on the model and your programmed recipes. That’s one every half second OR FASTER!
Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

  • 10 customizable and savable program controls
  • Cut raw dough into small portions
  • Oscillating plate to roll each ball in a matter of seconds
Then you can finish your dough processing with a sheeter or a pizza spinner.

Univex sheeters come in an array of footprints:

  • Floor Model Sheeters for large scale production
  • Bench Model Sheeters to rest on your worktable
  • Vertical Sheeters for kitchens with prep room limited

If you are having a tough time finding trained BOH employees, the Sprizza Pizza Spinner is the answer for you. It eliminates the need for a pizzaiolo, allowing you to train a new hire on the machine and ensuring the pizzas are consistent. In addition to the consistency in size, shape, and thickness with the Sprizza, it is the ONLY cold system pizza spinner on the market, processing your dough on a cold plate, keeping the crust from par baking giving you the results you want in the finished product every time.

Sprizza Pizza Spinner

Sprizza Pizza Spinner

  • Automatic start and stop
  • Only cold system pizza spinner on the market
  • Takes the dough ball to 85% of the way completed
  • Eliminates the need for a skillful pizza-maker
Now that we’ve prepped all the carbs, let’s move on to the proteins. Univex corners the meat market, outfitting anything from a deli or supermarket with their precise slicers to the BOH anywhere with the addition of the MT975 Meat Tenderizer and Strip Cutter.
MT975 Meat Tenderizer and Strip Cutter

For large operations, the 1000S – Automatic Premium Slicer has an automatic slice control panel with 9 settings and a programmable slice counter up to 1000 slices, putting all the control into the panel so anyone can operate it. The MT975 Meat Tenderizer/Strip Cutter has two settings, ensuring that all your calamari rings, chicken strips, and steak fajita strips are prepped consistently and quickly.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies!

And then there is fruit and veggie prep equipment. Make it easy to fill open positions in your kitchen with Univex Food Processing equipment. Prep everything from meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables with these key pieces, without having to wait for new employees to get their knife skills up to par.

G-Peeler – Potato Peeler

The G- Peeler:
• Peel potatoes
• Clean shellfish
• Scale small fish

The UFP for fruits and veggies:
• Dicing
• Grate
• Shred
• Slice
• Julienne

The BC14 Buffalo Chopper:

The BC14 Buffalo Chopper:
• Pulled pork
• Parsley
• Root vegetables
• Meat
• Cheese
• Breads
• Spreads
• Dips
• Salads

The PM91 Power Base:
Use the VS9H – Shredding/ Grating Attachment to shred vegetables

Use the VS9 – Vegetable Slicing Attachment to slice lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, celery, onions, or other vegetables

The PM91 Power Base
With Univex, you eliminate the need to find prep cooks with years of experience and culinary school level knife skills. Incorporating these pieces into your operation you can counteract the labor shortage by broadening your pool of candidates, relieve the stress level in the kitchen buy making prep easier which will help you retain staff longer, and save money by using automatic, semi-automatic and high-capacity prep equipment to cut down on labor hours spent on prepping your menu.
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