Not all Walk-In Floors are Created Equal

May 17, 2021

Did you know? Walk-In Floors Fail First!

There are many types of of walk-in flooring available on the market today.  Outside of  refrigeration, the flooring  takes the most abuse overall.  Because of this reality, Imperial Brown has made a stand in their floor manufacturing to only use high density foam hard-nose floors.

When soft floors fail… it looks like this:

Failed Walk In Floor

With Imperial Brown, your floors will withstand the rigors of a commercial foodservice operation. Instead of being soft-nose which is foam based, Imperial Brown always uses hard-nose floors, which are made with high density materials and framing.  So what is the difference?  While soft-nose panels are typically less expensive, they don’t provide the same reliably long-lasting durability that hard-nose panels do for floors.  This makes Imperial Brown the clear choice for savvy chefs, restaurateurs and foodservice folks who know the value of having walk-in floors specifically designed for the rigors of their kitchens.

Get the BEST Floors with Imperial Brown

Imperial Brown, a walk-in cooler and freezer manufacturer, is uniquely positioned to understand the wear-and-tear that floors are subjected to over time when installed in commercial kitchens. They’ve spent 40 plus years studying, constructing, testing and perfecting walk-in flooring, and what they’ve found is that when constructed correctly and installed properly floors made with high density materials won’t fail.

Another way to think about it is to draw a comparison with building a house. With soft-nose floors you’re using panels, which while less expense, are essentially wall paneling without any backing or proper structure. Walk-in floors are meant to hold up to thousands of footsteps, roll-ins moving in and out, even pallet jacks loading and unloading into your cooler. Over time, even a keg sitting in the cooler can cause an uneven distribution of weight across the floors, causing buckling, delaminating, and the foam density to deteriorate, and next thing you know, you need new floors! 

Imperial Brown

With Imperial Brown, you are getting the strongest floors designed, framed, reinforced, and installed specifically for the job you need and expect them to do. Every floor starts with high density framed panels at Imperial Brown, and now they build hard-nose floors that attach to soft-nose walls so you can rest assured that you won’t be replacing your  floors anytime soon!

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