Our Newest Manufacturer, Breville, Delivers Equipment that Enhances Culinary Experiences

October 31, 2023

At Ignite Foodservice Solutions, we pride ourselves on partnering with manufacturers who lead the way in culinary innovation, ensuring that our customers receive only the best products and equipment. We are happy to share that we have added Breville Commercial one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge equipment for chefs and mixologists, to our line card.

Breville builds products to give you ultimate control so you can focus on delivering your best creative work. If you aren’t familiar with Breville, here are a few standout products designed for the kitchen and the bar:

  1. HydroPro and HydroPro Plus Sous Vide Immersion Circulators for sous vide. The circulators can handle all your needs precisely, whether it is a delicate fish or a thick cut of meat.
  1. Control Freak Precise Temperature Induction Cooktop provides rapid heating and cooling functions to save valuable time. With exact temperature controls, chefs can simmer, sear, or sauté with this induction cooktop.
  1. The Smoking Gun Pro Handheld Smoke Infuser can elevate both food and beverages with a smoky flair. It is portable, allowing you to use it for on-the-spot infusion for cooking demonstrations or impress your bar customers with cool specialty cocktails.
  1. With the Super QPro Super Blender, chefs can effortlessly blend even the toughest ingredients into smooth purees or emulsions. The Super Blender has multiple settings, from grinding to liquefying, that make it a very handy tool in the kitchen.
  1. Rapid juicing means fresher beverages, faster. The Juice Fountain XL Pro Centrifugal Juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables, so you are wasting less and getting more.

Breville is not just about designing equipment; it’s about creating experiences. Their research and development team studies the nuances of food prep to deliver equipment that enhances cooking and mixology. This means faster prep times, consistent results, and unique functionalities you won’t find elsewhere.

If you would like more information on Breville equipment, we’re here to help. Get in touch!

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