Sizzle Your Way into Flavor: Meet Kopa Grilling Solutions!

September 1, 2023

Whether it’s a juicy steak or a perfectly cooked piece of fish, nothing beats the crisp exterior and moist interior that only a grill can achieve. Ignite’s newest manufacturer — Kopa Grilling Solutions — has revolutionized the grilling industry with their innovative equipment that takes the art of grilling to the next level.

Style and Function

Kopa Grilling Solutions

Imagine a grill that doesn’t just cook impeccably but also doubles as a visual centerpiece for your restaurant. Kopa’s designs are so sleek and modern, you’ll want to place them front and center, offering a preview of the culinary experience to come.

Kopa grills simply fit under the extraction hood for easy installation — there’s no need for a separate gas or electrical hookup. And grilling on a Kopa charcoal oven is 30% faster than traditional open charcoal grills to increase productivity and provide excellent customer service.

Meet the Kopa Family

Charcoal Oven

Charcoal Oven

With a modern design for maximum efficiency, the Kopa Charcoal Oven functions as a grill and oven in a one-of-a-kind combination. Since it operates entirely on charcoal with even heat distribution, it’s perfect for chefs who want authentic smoky flavor on their menu.


The Robata is a long-standing Japanese grilling tradition. The Kopa Robata has multi-level and multi-zone grilling capabilities that allow you to cook a variety of foods at different temperatures and grilling styles, all on one appliance.

Hibachi and Yakitori

Hibachi and Yakitori

If you’re looking for something for interactive table-top cooking, the Kopa Hibachi and Yakitori are powerful table-top charcoal grills that are beautifully designed to impress your customers. Quickly grill meats, seafood, vegetables, rice and more!


The Kopa Parilla is an Argentine-style grill that comes with a chained superstructure, and a large wheel to lift and lower the grilling surface. It’s a fantastic option for front-cooking environments to add a touch of showmanship to the dining experience.

Kopa Smoking Oven

Smoking Oven

The new Kopa Smoking Oven is a slow-cooking charcoal oven ideal for preparing dishes that require that signature smoky flavor. It’s an innovative, modern oven that enables you to prepare dishes that were previously only possible with traditional wood ovens.
When you opt for a Kopa, you’re not just getting a grill; you’re making a statement about the level of quality and innovation of your restaurant. Contact us to bring Kopa Grilling Solutions to your kitchen!

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