Spark Savings with Chill-Rite 32

July 18, 2022

Ignite is here to spark your savings with the cool beverage systems of Chill-Rite 32.  

Chill-Rite is customizable and can deliver multiple products from the same system. From cold brew coffee to batch cocktails, Chill-Rite keeps your drinks icy cold AND monitors your product.  

  • Designing the systems to tackle each customer’s needs allows us to:
  • Decrease 25% waste per keg
  • Reduce keg waste to 5% on average
  • Reduce returned drinks
  • Expand beverage types in your draft offerings

Frost Rail System

Aside from decreasing keg waste from serving beer at the wrong temperature, Chill-rite can create Frost Rails on your bar top, keeping cocktails ice cold and customers complaints to a minimum. Returned and re-made drinks cut into your profits, keep it from happening.

Drink Delivery System

Chill-Rite’s “On The Rocks” Auto-Fill System allows you to serve batched specialty cocktails, cutting your labor costs by eliminating that from opening and closing sidework from your staff.

The Hyrdo-Rite System reduces ice costs too, by Chill-Rite chilling the water source to your ice maker.  

  • Increase your ice production by 25%.
  • Eliminate the store runs and service deliveries for ice
  • Stop holding orders while you wait for ice
  • Increase ice production to cover hot days with increased iced drinks
  • Increase ice production to cover increased seating with simultaneous patio and dining room service
Reach out today to see how Chill-Rite’s competitively priced delivery systems can increase your profitability by building return customers and decreasing liquor waste.

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