The Advantages of Visiting an Ignite Test Kitchen

December 18, 2023

Ignite Test Kitchens are more than just showrooms — they allow customers to analyze the features and benefits of specific foodservice equipment interactively before making a buying decision. With locations in Denver, Phoenix, and Kent, our test kitchens are fully stocked and can be used for new restaurant concepts, menu creation, and hosting culinary events. 

Test Before You Invest

The most significant advantage of visiting an Ignite test kitchen is the hands-on experience. Unlike browsing through catalogs or online galleries, you can touch, use, and test the equipment. This interactive approach ensures that you understand the features and benefits of each piece of equipment, making your investment decisions more informed and accurate.

On a practical note, the test kitchens also offer a firsthand look at how equipment fits into different kitchen layouts. This is invaluable in making specification decisions that are both functional and aesthetic.

You Set the Agenda

Each Ignite test kitchen is staffed with a chef and culinary professionals who can provide insights and answers to your specific questions. Their expertise can guide you toward the best choices for your culinary needs and business goals.

Whether you’re experimenting with new recipes or looking to enhance your existing menu, our test kitchens provide the perfect environment for creativity! You can test how different equipment affects your dishes, helping you refine and perfect your menu.

Each visit to an Ignite test kitchen is unique. You’re not just a customer; you’re a valued guest. We want to know ahead of time what your goals are. The personal attention and tailored experience ensure that your time is well spent, and your specific needs are addressed.

Special Events

Special Events

Ignite test kitchens are not just about testing equipment; they’re energetic spaces for learning and inspiration. We plan many special events throughout the year to provide training on our manufacturers’ newest equipment and get together with our customers to have fun! Events like Fall Fest, Pizza Palooza, A Taste of Alto-Shaam, and The Amazing Flavors of Wood Stone offer unique opportunities to learn from industry experts, discover new trends, and network with foodservice professionals.

We also enjoy making our test kitchens available to host community events like Chef Luke’s recent Giveback Challenge with the Urban Leadership Foundation.

Visiting an Ignite Foodservice test kitchen is more than just a shopping trip. We encourage you to bring your key team members for a visit. We are here to collaborate and create and, hopefully, spark new ideas that you can take back to your business.

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