Wood Stone-Style Pizza

February 2, 2022

Nothing improves a day quite like a cheesy, crispy, and perfectly executed pizza! With an average of 5 billion pizzas sold annually worldwide, pizza has stood the test of time and is a staple for any commercial kitchen.

Pizza is a $32 billion per year industry.

Great pizza means bringing in customers and increasing ROI for the foodservice industry. Ignite Foodservice Solutions knows that the challenge isn’t a subpar pizza but the continued hardship of a shrinking labor force. But, you’re in luck; Ignite has an intelligent solution!

High-production, consistency, and quality made easier with Wood Stone!

Wood Stone Corporation, well known for its stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment, has announced a game-changing stone hearth oven perfect for any commercial kitchen, the Fire Deck Automatic 9660.

Inspired by the need to address labor force challenges, the elegant combination of smart controls, improved heat management, and an updated burner design provides a tangible ROI for commercial kitchens that want to simplify operations and reduce service costs.

Fire Deck Series

A Closer Look at the Fire Deck Automatic 9660

Let’s break it down:

  • The FA-9660 features a fully automatic touchscreen control featuring preset cooking cycles for stress-free pizza cooked to perfection every time.
  • The burner system is designed for even heating throughout the oven and reduces fuel consumption.
  • The touchscreen interface is designed for ease of use, requiring less labor force training.
  • The new smart controls offer one-touch features for a daily startup, nightly thermal clean, and radiant cooking flames.

The Fire Deck Automatic 9660 has simplified the training required to master the Fire Deck oven by automating heat management and even takes the guesswork out of cleaning and maintenance. Wood Stone’s patented Debris Mantel is designed for easy crumb and debris collection, keeping burners clear by collecting debris in conveniently removable trays, eliminating downtime and service calls.

Wood Stone has been steadfast, committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The only question that will be asked is where they can get pizza cooked in a Wood Stone oven!

Fire Deck Series

With all of these exciting new products on the market, let the Ignite Sales Team walk you through your many options onsite or over the phone.

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