Alto-Shaam’s New Converge Multi-Cook Oven

June 23, 2022


Everyone is aware of the nationwide labor shortage, but the foodservice industry has been hit especially hard, with 7 out of 10 operators unable to staff their establishments. Even if you do have applicants, you cannot guarantee they are as skilled as culinary professionals from years prior.

Automation opens a whole new toolbox for you managing production and labor. Alto-Shaam’s new Converge Multi-Cook Oven streamlines cook time and maximizes staff ability.

The 2022 Kitchen Innovation Winner has 3 independent cook chambers, each with the ability to set recipe specs for their own temperatures, fan speeds, humidity levels, and cook times.

The new intuitive programmable interface allows you to program recipes from beginning to end, including reminders for next steps that play aloud to your kitchen staff. The programmable recipes and 3 independent cook chambers allow you to develop a production schedule specific to the skill level of each kitchen employee.

Converge Multi-Cook Oven

The Converge can steam, bake, cook, grill and air fry all in the same piece of equipment. Grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, crispy quesadillas, and crème brûlée – all cooked in the same oven at the same time. And it’s self-cleaning.

This leaves your kitchen staff to clean veggies, break down proteins, or reduce sauces without compromising the quality or cook times of your programmed dishes. On-Demand production cuts done on labor AND food waste, with our current inflation the Converge Multi-Cook Oven is every business’s best friend.

Plus, Alto-Shaam’s ChefLinc allows you to update recipes remotely and check service data and oven software updates, keeping your kitchen running smoothly, even when you are not in the kitchen.

To see the Converge in action, reach out to an Ignite rep or schedule a visit with one of our chefs in the test kitchen today.

Converge Multi-Cook Oven

All of these exciting options are available to discuss both onsite, over the phone or in an Ignite Kitchen.

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