Hot & New Solutions -Series Part II

September 3, 2021


Vector H-Series Wide Multi-Cook Oven

Introducing our latest innovation in the Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven product line.
Alto-Shaam’s expanded the oven chambers to now fit 16-inch pizzas. With this wide model option, operators can cook extra-large pizzas, appetizers, desserts and more—all at the same time—in a compact, ventless footprint.

Vector H- Series Wide models are now available to order.

Key Features
• 2 or 3 independent chambers
• Ventless, compact design (24″ footprint)
• Waterless operation
• Accommodates half-size sheet pans, 16″ pizza screens or hotel pans
• Superior cooking results with Structured Air Technology®

Model Numbers

Vector H-Series Wide Multi-Cook Oven

Top Heated Shelf Merchandiser

Designed to boost impulse sales and drive foodservice profits, Alto-Shaam
heated shelf merchandisers, safely hold a variety of grab-and-go items for hours
without compromising food quality.

As the industry continues to evolve and grab-and-go programs increase in popularity,
we’re excited to introduce heated shelf merchandisers that now include top heat.
This top heat paired with exclusive Halo Heat® technology allows customers
to hold more delicate food items such as sandwiches, pastries and burritos
at the highest quality—now for longer periods of time.

Effective immediately, orders placed on the below 36” width models—countertop and floor-standing—will include top heat.

Top Heated Shelf Merchandiser

Vector F-Series Gas

Providing unmatched cooking results and value to the kitchen, Vector F Series models, now available in gas & electric,
are specifically designed for high-volume cooking.

  • Featuring three or four independent oven chambers, operators can control the temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual chamber for maximum flexibility – simultaneously cooking a variety of menu items with no flavor transfer.
  • Exclusive Structured Air Technology® delivers focused heat for faster, more even cooking and consistent, high-quality results.
  • Cook by time or optional temperature probes in single or combined chambers.
  • Reallocate skilled labor by eliminating extra steps in food production and the need to watch and rotate pans.
Vector F-Series Gas

Higher Yields, Better Food Quality

Cook & Hold Ovens and Cook & Hold Smokers

Redesigned with gentle, precise Halo Heat technology these single & double compartment ovens produce better food quality and higher yields .

  • Evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements,
    added humidity or fans.
  • Build-in savings with a ventless, waterless and energy-efficient design.
  • Increases savings further and productivity with labor-free, overnight cooking and holding.
  • Minimize operating costs, plumbing, drains and associated maintenance.
  • Cook and hold by time or temperature probe with simple or deluxe controls.
Cook & Hold Ovens and Cook & Hold Smokers
Chicago Metallic

Pizza Solutions by Chicago Metallic

30% Space Savings with Exact Stack Pizza Pans!

EXACT STACK / Chicago Style Pizza Pans & More!

  • EXACT STACK Pans are engineered to stack securely yet release easily when lifted.
  • Proprietary design allows pans to be used to proof dough while stacked and will not stick together. 

Endless Styles & Coatings Available

  • Standard Aluminum and BAKALON pans provide optimal strength, durability and thermal conductivity.
  • Ultra-hard aluminum oxide surface provides a nearly permanent protective cooking surface that will not chip, peel, rust or interact with food.
  • Pre-seasoned pans with glaze will not require seasoning during the life of the pan.
  • Improved sanitation and reduce the use of oil.
  • Chicago, Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Grandma, Detroit, Flat Breads and more!
  • Custom size pans, mold designs and configurations available.
Cold Zone

What’s Hot & New at ColdZone !

Efficient & Intelligent Control!

Next-Gen UniPak ½ to 6 HP Air Cooled Condensing Unit

ColdZone’s Next-Gen Uni-Pak ½ through 6 HP condensing units are engineered with an exciting new design that provides increased efficiency, more standard features, easier serviceability, and more catalogued options.

  • Next-Gen Uni-Paks are ideally suited for use in a variety of commercial applications such as cafeterias, convenience stores, restaurants and fast food outlets while providing the versatility to excel in a full array of other applications.
  • These new units provide a winning combination of high quality, increased flexibility and greatly improved efficiency for even lower long-term operating costs.
  • The small profile product line is designed to utilize R404A or other low GWP refrigerants R407A, R407C, R448A and R449A.
  • Units are available with low-cost hermetic or efficient and quiet scroll compressors. The standard Next-Gen Uni-Pak is rated for operation in ambient air temperatures up to 110°F.
Next-Gen UniPak ½ to 6 HP Air Cooled Condensing Unit

EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers

EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers are electronically controlled evaporators designed for energy efficiency and easier installation. Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing specifically for commercial refrigeration applications, it builds on the success, reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s EcoNet technology.

  • Saves energy by reducing fan speed to 50% during off cycle
  • Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor runtime
  • Eliminates icing issues and unnecessary defrosts
  • Improves product quality by reducing temperature fluctuations
  • Can be used with a condensing unit with single and multiple evaporators as a group
  • Available factory-installed on Next-Gen All-Temp Low Profile, Center Mount, Low
    Velocity Center Mount, Medium Profile, Heavy Duty, and Warehouse Unit Coolers for
    quick shipment directly from finished goods warehouses

 EcoNet Command Center (Optional)

  • Intuitive graphical touchscreen interface controls up to 32 devices (including the
    Command Center) through one display
  • Provides continuous communication between system components
  • Remote mount display allows for EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers to be programmed,
    monitored, and troubleshot outside of the space being cooled
EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers

NEW  Solutions by Wood Stone

 High Production, Consistency, and Quality – Made Easier by Wood Stone!

Fire Deck 9660 Automatic

  • Easy to use interface – simple touchscreen operation.
  • Automatic temperature controls – make training and consistency a snap.
  • Simply load your pizzas into the oven and tap the button.
  • Improved burner designs with new radiant flame burners with more robust igniters provide consistent, even heating of the oven deck.
  • Reduced fuel consumption, easy to clean and reduced service costs.
  • Featuring new patented Debris Mantle for easy crumb and debris collection!
  • Two conveniently removable trays a slide out for easy emptying and wash in any standard commercial dishwasher. 

With all of these exciting new products on the market, let the Ignite Sales Team walk you through your many options onsite or over the phone.

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