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Stone Hearth Ovens, Gas Vertical Rotisseries & Planchas

Wood Stone Corporation has been manufacturing stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment for the foodservice industry since 1990.

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Stone Hearth Ovens

No matter which size or fuel scenario you prefer, Wood Stone ovens facilitate high volume, high quality food.

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With adjustable temperatures from 150°- 650° F, the Gas Plancha is the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time.

With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, the Gas Plancha can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously.

CONSISTENT. Not only is the temperature consistent across each cooking zone, it’s consistent over time. The Gas Plancha holds a set temperature and, because of its fast recovery, allows for constant cooking in the same location.

*Also available in electric*

Gas Vertical Rotisserie

There is no more spectacular restaurant theater than a fully loaded rotisserie, turning over open flame – and no rotisserie delivers like the Wood Stone Rotisserie.

Solid Fuel Charbroiler

Wood Stone Charbroilers offer an easy and intuitive wood-fired grill, built to the exacting standards and legendary quality of Wood Stone. A blazing fire along the rear of the firebox offers stunning theatrics, and creates the coals used to power the charbroiler. Cast from the same material as our stone hearth ovens, the ceramic firebox stores and radiates heat, ensuring easy temperature and fuel management.

Discover Wood Stone

Wood Stone offers the finest, most complete line of commercial oven cooking equipment in the world. Join us for an upcoming equipment demonstration and see what sets Wood Stone oven products apart from the competition.

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