IGNITIN’ The Community: Keep Kids Fueled Up For Learning

December 20, 2022

IGNITIN’ The Community: Keep Kids Fueled Up For Learning

Ignite Food Service Solutions loves igniting inspiration in our community. This month we opened our Phoenix Test Kitchen to the Madison School District to show off cafeteria innovations. The school district’s cafeterias are decked out with Alto-Shaam equipment and their many solutions for K through 12 school systems:

  • Classroom delivery
  • Grab-and-go options
  • Safe, healthy food service
  • Ready-to-heat meals
  • Curbside meals

Aside from all the operational solutions, Alto-Shaam reduces costs while increasing production and profits with multi-functional equipment, automated recipes, and eliminating food waste. 35 Madison School District Food Service Professionals & Nutrition Directors for K through 12 schools came through to strut their stuff and show off how they take advantage of everything Alto-Shaam has to offer.

Food Service Ideas
They brought unique recipes served at their schools that follow all school district guidelines, government nutritional requirements, BUT are not standard to the school district recipe book.
Unique Recipes
These Nutrition Directors left with a new arsenal of menu items to keep kids fed, fueled and fired up for learning!

Reach out to Ignite Food Service Solutions for inspiration in your community.

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