National Restaurant Association Convention

June 15, 2022

The National Restaurant Association Convention was a whirlwind of equipment, excitement, innovations, and interactions. Our team could not wait to be face to face with our clients, experiencing the latest tech first hand with awe-inspiring demos. Covering 1.2 million square feet of exhibits, spending time with our favorite people, and absorbing everything from every direction has us ready to hit the second half of the year fully energized.

With so much to see, where do we start?

Let’s start at the beginning…of your meal.

Chicago Metallic

From prepping dough in mixers with Univex, dough presses from doughXpress, straight into the Arcobaleno extruders or a pizza pan from Chicago Metallic we get these dishes moving.

Now that your ingredients are prepped, where do you go for cooking.


Alto-Shaam’s jaw dropping new Converge Multi-Cook Oven.


Winner of the Kitchen Innovations 2022 Award


3 independent cook chambers


4 control options


Programmable interface


Cloud-based oven management

This multi-cook oven allows you to cook an entire meal at the same time. It has a programmable interface that reduces production time, labor and food waste while increasing consistency, profit margins, and space in your kitchen.

Converge Multi-Cook Oven
Now that we’ve coordinated your dinner plans, reach out so our team can make them a reality.

All of these exciting options are available to discuss both onsite, over the phone or in an Ignite Kitchen.

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