One Setting, Multiple-Sized Pizzas with WoodStone’s OneRev Pizza Oven

June 21, 2023

When it comes to pizza ovens, WoodStone has always been synonymous with excellence. Renowned for top-of-the-line craftsmanship and innovative designs, WoodStone has again raised the bar with its latest creation, the OneRev Labor Saver Rotating Pizza.

It’s not practical today to have dedicated staff for every task in the kitchen. Gone are the days when a pizza person had to stand next to the oven, monitoring each pie’s progress meticulously. With the OneRev Pizza Oven, WoodStone has introduced a rotating oven that streamlines the pizza-making process.

Ignite’s Chef Robert Simmelink has been working with the OneRev Pizza Oven, and he shared how simple it is to prepare multiple-size pizzas quickly. “The innovative design allows for maximum efficiency in a fast-paced kitchen environment,” explained Chef Robert. “While one pizza is baking to perfection, the operator can effortlessly slide in another, and even a third or fourth if necessary. They can continue multi-tasking and attending to other kitchen responsibilities, confident that the OneRev Pizza Oven will ensure consistent and impeccable results.”

Chef Robert Simmelink
After a predetermined time, the first pizza completes its journey around the oven and returns to the front. As the operator retrieves the pizza, they are met with a culinary masterpiece—perfectly baked and cooked on both the top and bottom, thanks to the rotating mechanism. The pizza is now ready to be transferred to the station, where it can be expertly sliced and served to customers.
Prep a pizza while the first one cooks.
WoodStone’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions shines through in the design of the OneRev Pizza Oven. This oven is an indispensable asset for pizzerias and restaurants, enabling operators to multitask and maximize productivity, especially in today’s tight labor market.
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