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Panasonic is making food service faster and more personal with point-of-sale-devices, self-ordering kiosks and drive thru communication systems all connected to the back of the restaurant – so customers can really have it their way.

Advanced restaurant management, point-of-sale and wireless communication systems for the retail, food service & hospitality industries

Featured Equipment

Commercial Microwaves

Panasonic Commercial Microwaves come in Heavy Duty and Light Duty options with a variety of sizes and wattages to choose from. The Heavy Duty Microwaves are constructed from durable stainless steel inside and out, to meet NSF standards. The Light Duty Microwaves have a “Grab & Go” door handle and bottom energy feed, along with a stainless steel door.

Sonic Steamer


This large capacity ventless steamer oven offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to tradition counter model steamers. With 2 different models available, you can select the wattage that fits your operation. Steams come with 16 memory capability via 8 programmable memory pads, 5 power levels, 3 stage cooking , 2 top and 2 bottom magnetrons (heating elements), drop-down counter style door, holds 2 full size 4’ pans and no hood or water line or reservoir is required.

Rice & Grain Cookers

Cook rice & grains easily, safely and effectively with Panasonic Rice & Grain Cookers. With 3 size options these rice cookers allow you to cook anywhere from 75 to 168 3oz. portions. All rice cookers come with a removable aluminum alloy pan, and a sheathed heating element with safety thermal fuse built in.

Rice Cooker
Sonic Chef

SonicChef High-Speed Oven

The Panasonic SonicChef High-Speed oven is a versatile, easy-to-use oven designed for any commercial kitchen, in front of house or back, that needs fast, efficient cooking. Combining 3 cooking technologies; this oven creates 6 combinations for fast, delicious results. The cool touch surface and compact foot print allow you to stack multiple units, doubling your cooking space. The ventless cooking technology makes set up a breeze, and the LCD panel and 1000 memory makes using the oven easy for anyone, regardless of skill level.

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