The NEW Aptly Named Prodigi Pro Combination Oven from Alto-Shaam

May 5, 2023

Combi ovens incorporate multiple cooking functions into one appliance, allowing chefs to cook various dishes in a single oven. Alto-Shaam’s new Prodigi™ Pro combi oven has advanced features and accessories inside and out and is built tough to support—and connect—the most demanding kitchens. With this new Alto-Shaam combi oven, you’ll get effortless intelligence and extraordinary results.

What Can the Prodigi Pro Do?

The Prodigi Pro can do the work of a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker, and more. This means you can cook just about anything in this appliance — from meats to desserts. The Prodigi Pro has advanced features like Humidity Control Technology™ (HCT) and Alto-Fresh™ Plus Technology, which use steam injection and air filtration systems to help keep your food at its ideal moisture level. And with their intuitive control panel navigation system and easy programming capability, they make it simple to set up multiple recipes without having to reset each time you switch between cooking functions.

Cooking Applications

The Benefits of Choosing the Prodigi Pro

Choosing the Prodigi Pro comes with plenty of benefits for foodservice professionals. Enhance production, improve temperature control, and increase recovery times with Turbo mode. This allows your culinary team to cook food 20% faster than other combi ovens and 80% faster than convection technology! The Prodigi Pro also saves time with automatic cleaning and software downloads for recipes, reports, and service diagnostics. Lastly, Prodigi Pro models can be connected to other kitchen equipment to integrate them into your existing kitchen setup without disruption.
Intelligent Design

Alto-Shaam’s Prodigi Pro was built for the busiest kitchens. Available in free-standing models or countertop, stackable ovens, this equipment investment pays off due to its versatility and cutting-edge, time-saving features. Combining multiple functions into one high-performance oven saves you time while delivering exceptional results.

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Other Features
Other Features

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