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Chicago Metallic is a leader in stock bakeware with over 300 pan styles in-stock that are ready to ship. Their custom pan solutions help some of the world’s premier fast-casual restaurants increase throughput, ensure food quality, and save time and money. With numerous innovative pan coating options for you to choose from, Chicago Metallic pans help control costs and optimize operations by extending the life of your pans.

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Custom Pan Solutions

Chicago Metallic’s custom pan solutions provide an increased production throughput, decreased use of oils or release agents, they help prevent cross-contamination of foods, and save you on both time and money.

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Custom Pans

Pizza Pans

Chicago Metallic offers a large selection of pizza pans, designed for any type of operation. From traditional thin and thick crust pans to their Detroit Style and EXACT STACK® Deep Dish pans, they’ve got the perfect pan to ensure that your pizza baking needs are met.

Bread & Cake Pans

Specialty bread pans by Chicago Metallic include crimped round bread, cinnamon roll, tortilla shell, sub sandwich roll and mini-loaf pans. In addition, they have a full variety of cake pans that will enhance your offerings. From special designs to traditional spring form pans, Chicago Metallic bakeware has something for everyone.

Bread & Cake Pans


Chicago Metallic has four different pan coating options, all designed to ensure optimal performance and prolonged use of your pans. The DuraShield® coatings provide the longest lasting release life and the best release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes. OptiShield® coatings are best for standard or challenging doughs or products with special requirements. The AMERICOAT® ePlus coatings allow up to 30% more releases than other silicone glazes. And finally, the FlexiCoat rubberized silicone coating is excellent for coating baguette pans, baking screens, and other perforated trays to deliver specific baking characteristics and consistent quality.

Allergen Management Bakeware

When dealing with customers diagnosed with food allergies, careful attention to food preparation and communication is a necessity. Chicago Bakeware offers a full line of allergen bakeware that helps bakery and foodservice operations manage this issue. From pizza pans to cupcake and bread pans, you can assure your guests are properly looked after by baking with the right equipment.


Sheet Pans

Their innovative and revolutionary sheet pans are NSF certified and include options like the StayFlat® sheet pans and their allergen management sheet pans dedicated to protecting the health of guests with food allergies.

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