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Chill Brite 32

Bar and Beverage Equipment

Chill-Rite is an engineering and manufacturing corporation specializing in the manufacture of complete draft beer dispensing systems.

Featured Equipment

Beer & Wine Dispensing Systems

Beer Towers
Chill-Rite designs, engineers and fabricates many styles of beer towers to fit any décor. All towers are engineered to complement the other components of the equipment package so that the system operates as a cohesive system. Towers are built with Chill Rite 32 custom heat exchanges located inside the towers.

Keg Wine System
Keg wine systems may be remotely dispensed like draught beer or directly tapped from under counter wine coolers.

Chill Rite offers a wide variety of beer and wine dispensing towers that may be incorporated into any system.

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Frost Rails

Chill-Rite’s recessed and insulated Frost Rail can be built into your bar top which will create a crisp, dry layer of frost on your bar top. This will be ideal for your patrons to rest their beer mugs and cocktail on to keep them cold.


Chill-Rite’s Shock-A-Vodka Dome System is a 32 degree frost rail, 5 degree liquor system and 0 degree frost rail combined into one! Dispense any liquor directly from bottles at -5 degrees to +5 degrees and customer has option of 2 domes, 4 domes, 5 domes or 4 domes with Yeti beer.

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Specialty Products

Frozen Drink Delivery Systems
Chill-Rite manufactures state-of-the-art delivery systems that meet a wide variety of dispensing applications.

Do you need to increase your ice production by as much as 25%? Then chill the water before it gets to your ice maker. By chilling the water supply, you give your ice maker the capacity to harvest more frequently, thus increasing ice production.

On-The-Rocks Autofill Systems
Chill-Rite’s “On-The-Rocks” Drink Delivery System allows operator to batch mix specialty drinks to any positive pressure dispenser.

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