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ColdZone delivers green refrigeration technologies and is the world’s leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment—evaporators, condensing units, fluid coolers, and defrost controls—specifically designed for the foodservice and convenience store industries.

ColdZone is a member of the Rheem Family of brands.

Featured Equipment

Unit Coolers

ColdZone’s unit coolers provide the food service industry the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, such as under-counter or display case reach-in units for use in kitchens and fast food restaurants, walk-in coolers and freezers for use in restaurants, stadium concessions, beer coolers, schools, hospitals, and convenience stores.

The units are available in low profile, low height and low air velocity in air, electric or hot gas defrost configurations.

Unit Coolers
Fluid Coolers

Fluid Coolers

Coldzone’s FC-Pak Fluid Coolers are rugged, air cooled remote cooling units for water-cooled soft-serve ice cream and yogurt applications. The fluid coolers utilize a closed-loop propylene/glycol/water anti-freeze solution that captures the heat produced by soft-serve machines and expels it to the outside.

Performance & Reliability
The innovative design eliminates water usage, lowers air conditioning requirements, and reduces installation costs. Models range from single fan to three-fan units

Compressor Units

ColdZone offers a complete line of energy-efficient single and multi-circuit air and water cooled Compressor Units specifically designed for the foodservice industry.

Design & Specs
Units range from ½ to 40 HP and can handle up to 18 compressors.

ColdZone Compressor Units
ColdZone Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Evaporator Defrost Controls
ColdZone offers several evaporator defrost controls for walk-in coolers and freezers for a wide variety of refrigeration applications.

State-of-the-Art Designs
ColdZone’s EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers are intelligent, electronically operated evaporators designed for energy efficiency and easier installation. Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing, it builds on the success, reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s EcoNet® technology and brings it to the commercial refrigeration market for energy savings, consistent temperature, and improved product quality. The smart EcoNet Command Center with intuitive touchscreen allows for single or multiple EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers to be programmed, monitored, and troubleshot outside of the space being cooled.

Defrost Evaporator Cooler
The Surveillant Demand Defrost Evaporator Controller uses proprietary advanced algorithms to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing the effects of defrost on the space temperature. The Surveillant controller easily integrates with Energy Management Systems.

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