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Cooper-Atkins, part of Emerson, is the leading global manufacturer of innovative food safety solutions and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice.

Temperature and time in a food safety system are two of the most important components in preventing food-borne illness. Proper cooking, storing, holding and monitoring of temperatures are vital in preventing bacterial growth in foods. Cooper-Atkins provides a full line of professional temperature products to assist in serving safe food.

Featured Equipment


Thermistor-based technology has developed over time to produce an inexpensive, accurate and quick-responding digital thermometer. Thermistor instruments can be very accurate within a limited temperature range. Cooper-Atkins digital thermometers will help you obtain readings faster, because the thermistor sensor is located in the tip of the stem and they have easy to read LCD displays. Made to be durable, these digital thermometers boast the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty.



A thermocouple is a coupling of two dissimilar alloy wires, which can be welded into the tip of a probe shaft, or set in a thermally conductive potting. A thermocouple meter/instrument purchased along with several different types of thermocouple probes may be used to measure all kinds of temperature from internal food to equipment surfaces. With multiple probe options for insertion, direct connect, surface, air and ambient and more, Cooper-Atkins has a probe to fit your needs.

HACCP Manager

Cooper-Atkins newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager ™.  The 37100 is a handheld data-collecting instrument designed to simplify the recording or product temperatures and monitoring of corrective actions in foodservice environments.   The HACCP Manager includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting, analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the thermocouple instrument and PC.

HACCP Manager Features:

  • Stores up to 300 menu items
  • Set temperature limit alerts
  • Records up to 3000 temperatures
  • Allows customized corrective actions
  • Creates custom checklists
HACCP Manager


The NotifEYE monitoring system eliminates the time and expense of manual temperature collecting. No longer will you need to visit and record temperatures of equipment requiring frequent monitoring. This system is a low-cost wireless solution that is self-installable and ready to use out of the box. The NotifEYE sensors can be easily mounted in any location, wirelessly transmitting temperatures to the monitoring software, collecting and recording every temperature like clock-work. Each sensor will monitor temperatures against preset conditions that are defined by the user and will alert the user via email and/or text messages.

Blue 2 & Multi-Function Thermometer

Lumity: Creating daily, accurate temp logs is an important but labor intensive process.  The Lumity Multi-Function Thermometer (MFT) is a handheld, Bluetooth-enabled thermometer that effectively registers internal, surface and air temperatures-hot or cold- and transmits that data to the Lumity HACCP Checklist or a third party app.   The MFT features a reader screen enabling temperatures to be taken with or without software.

The Lumity HACCP Checklist is an all-in-one food safety, quality, task and checklist management system that enables customers to digitalize your HACCP plans and checklists, helping ensure that critical control points are met and that appropriate corrective action can be taken.  Now regulatory and compliance issues are much easier to manage.

Blue2 is a bluetooth-enabled wireless temperature measuring device that you can use with the Lumity HACCP Checklist  or any third-party application, where you can log temperatures electronically, replacing handwritten record.



Cooper Atkin’s timers are popular because of their large, easy-to-read displays. Cooper Atkin’s timers feature an adjustable volume control, stopwatch capabilities, wall or magnet mounting, non-skid rubber feet and grease-resistant keypads.

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