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Duke HotColdFreeze™, Serving Lines, Steam Tables, Ovens & Drop-ins

Duke Manufacturing is a global food service equipment pioneer that’s been delivering profitable and innovative solutions for the food industry for 95 years.

Featured Equipment

Duke HotColdFreeze™

Ultimate Menu Flexibility

The technology behind the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides both versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in Hot, Cold, or Freeze modes. Mix and match modes for ultimate menu flexibility. The DHCF is equipped to operate in hot dry, hot wet, cold dry, cold wet or freeze modes, both hot and cold modes are equipped with 10 presets that allow you to set your frequently used temperatures at the tap of a button.

Key Features

  • Five Modes in One Well
  • Easy-to-Service With a Pull-out Compressor
  • Intuitive, Easy to Learn Controls
  • Flush Mount for Better Product Display
duke hotcoldfreeze

Serving Systems

Whether it’s a traditional serving line, stand-alone kiosks, or a custom configured line with themed signage, Duke can build you a profitable equipment program around the finest, most stylish and durable counters in the industry.


Duke’s Steamtable lines are what the industry has grown to trust. No matter the scale of your operation. No matter your budget.

Holding Units

Duke’s advance holding platform uses innovative patented technologies, featuring a robust design built to last. Rounded interior corners with no interior obstructions make cleaning easy. With over 50,000 units worldwide, Duke is a leader in hot holding.

Convection Ovens

Duke’s Convection Ovens are the most trusted and durable in the market. Choose from a variety of configurations and specific features to fit your unique needs. Duke’s ENERGY STAR® listed convection ovens were proven to have a higher working efficiency than other gas convection oven brands.


Duke’s drop-in units feature heavy-gauge steel exterior housing with individual thermostatic compartment controls, indicator lights and a master switch. Can be ordered with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 wells.

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