Highlights from the NRA Show 2023

June 7, 2023

We are excited to share some amazing finds from this year’s NRA Show. If we had to identify a common theme between these products, it would be a focus on helping operators save space and resources to improve efficiency. Let’s dive right in!

Structural Concepts: Autonomous Retail Merchandiser – KI Award Winner

Labor shortages have been a pressing issue for many in the foodservice industry. Structural Concepts award-winning solution, the Autonomous Retail Merchandiser, is a great example of technology at work in our industry. This cutting-edge system features a cashier-less transaction platform and advanced inventory management capabilities. By speeding up transactions and enhancing the overall shopping experience, operators can overcome labor challenges while impressing your customers.


Alto-Shaam: Prodigi Pro Combi Ovens

Equip your kitchen with the best of the best – Alto-Shaam‘s Prodigi Pro combi ovens. These Wi-Fi-enabled ovens are designed to support even the most demanding kitchens, taking the guesswork out of cooking and cleaning. With a Zero Clearance Design, you’ll save valuable space under your exhaust hood and reduce ventilation costs. Plus, the CombiSmoke feature allows for hot or cold smoking using real wood chips without odor or flavor residue.

Duke Manufacturing: Advanced Product Holding Solutions

Duke is the industry leader in hot-holding solutions. Their comprehensive range of product-holding solutions ensures that your culinary creations stay at the perfect temperature and consistency, resulting in satisfied guests and increased profitability.

Champion: Commercial Door Type Dishwasher Machines

Save space, water, chemicals, and energy with Champion‘s commercial door-type dishwasher machines. Available in both low and high-temperature models, these machines can be easily converted from straight-through to corner operations, making them an adaptable choice for any kitchen layout. 

Continental Refrigerator: Customizable Commercial Refrigerators

Continental Refrigerator knows that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why their commercial refrigerators can be tailored to meet your unique requirements, from additional shelves to remote temperature logging and more.

Quantum Foodservice: New Shelving Systems

Quantum Foodservice has two new products that are worth checking out — store grid mounted systems and Millenia Polymer Shelving Systems. These multi-functional designs make the most of underutilized areas while providing easy access to your inventory.

The NRA Show is always a treasure trove of innovative foodservice solutions, and this year was no exception. We hope these highlights spark some ideas to keep your business running smoothly.

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