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Hobart is a leading manufacturer of commercial food equipment for cooking, food preparation, dishwashing, waste reduction, weighing and packaging. Established in 1897 in Troy, Ohio, Hobart has been dedicated for more than a century to supporting commercial and institutional foodservice and food retail professionals by providing premium equipment they can trust, backed by the largest, most experienced service network. Our vision is to lead the foodservice and food retail equipment industry through technology innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service and unsurpassed value. We aim to exceed expectations wherever we go.

Featured Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers

Get Your Ware HOBART CLEAN.  Hobart sets the standard for five-star quality and superior value that all other commercial dishwashers are judged by. It’s a distinction they’ve earned over many decades by engineering dishmachines that lead the industry in wash performance, food safety, operational efficiency, and lifetime value; complete with teamwork you won’t find anywhere else.

FLIGHT TYPE: Realize peak performance & the lowest total cost of ownership for high volume food service operations.

CONVEYOR TYPE: Get performance, speed & savings with a complete line of Energy Star 3.0 certified rack conveyors.

DOOR-TYPE: The new AM Series delivers best-in class wash performance while saving labor time & money.

UNDERCOUNTER: Hobart undercounters are built for speed & performance in a small space

GLASSWASHER: Taste the drink & not the glass with our glasswasher series for bars.

POT, PAN AND UTENSIL: A simple, fast solution for cleaning and sanitizing pots, pans, mixer bowls and trays.

INDUSTRIAL: Customizable, conveyorized washers for washing totes, bins and everything in between.

WASTE: Dramatically reduce your waste – good for the environment and for your wallet.

Commercial Dishwashers
Commercial Mixers<br />

Commercial Mixers

Heavy Duty Mixers – just the power you need to get the job done.

Making doughs or batters in-house? No problem! Mixing up buttercream frostings, whipped cream or mashed potatoes? That is a piece of cake! Hobart’s full line of commercial mixers includes both floor and countertop mixers to help you streamline your kitchen’s food preparation needs with the appropriate power and torque for the job.

Hobart knows that food inspires you and we have the commercial mixer to support your kitchen – Planetary mixers and spiral mixers are available in a variety of sizes to meet your creative application. They also provide a broad range of mixer accessories that add flexibility to your operation.

Food Preparation Equipment

Discover how Hobart helps you turn fresh into fabulous.

No matter how big the job, Hobart’s full line of food preparation equipment enables you to deliver great results. From the first chop or mix to the last slice or whip, we will consistently support your creativity.

Meeting the demands of a busy kitchen is hard work. Their equipment helps make the job easier and does so with consistent performance and food output. Whether your menu calls for mixing dough or mashing potatoes, or requires you to slice cheese and the finest meats, they are proud to be your partner. Hobart can shorten your vegetable preparation time with their full offering of food processors, salad spinners and potato peelers.

Food Preparation Equipment<br />
Weighing & Wrapping Equipment<br />

Weighing & Wrapping Equipment

Do more than weigh and package with precision; enhance your customers’ experience.

Hobart’s modern weigh wrap equipment and accessories are designed for accuracy, speed and dependability—now, and for years to come.

Reduce shrink and achieve the precision you’ve always wanted with Hobart’s HT series service scales. With the ability to store thousands of PLUs, their scales are ready to tackle the most hectic operations.

Paired with our cutting-edge software, Hobart’s automatic, semi-automatic and hand wrapping equipment will save you time and money. Easy to clean and easy to use, their wrapping equipment supports everyone on your team, from the department manager to your operations department.

Combine their wrapping hardware and software with accessories like our rotary bins, roller discharge tables and sealer belts for ultimate wrapping efficiency.

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