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Aerowerks is one of the leading food service conveyor manufacturers in North America. As a pioneer in this field, we provide customized integrated solutions to meet your dishroom soiled ware handling requirements by focusing on Flexibility, Operating Efficiency & Labor Savings, Easy operation, Easy Cleaning and Reliability.

From concept design, equipment fabrication, field installation to post install support, all reflect our commitment to excellence. Whether you are a foodservice professional, kitchen equipment contractor, equipment end user, we want to be part of your team.

Featured Equipment

Slat Belt Tray Return Conveyor

The low friction cornering belt reduces the load on the drive by reducing friction at turns, allowing the belt to turn several corners over a considerable length using only one drive.

High impact plastic slats attached to side flexing chain are removable without tools. Salts overlap for maximum sanitation and safety, preventing jam-ups and keeping cutlery from falling in between slats.

High-density polywear strips ensure only plastic to plastic contact for low friction and wear. Tapered rollers on the underside of each slat ensures only rolling friction at all corners, while allowing the belt to be lifted out of the conveyor bed at the corners for cleaning.

The drive cabinet has a standard built in belt wash. A wash tank contains stainless steel embossed spray arms located above and below the belt to thoroughly spray the belt with water.

A detergent drip system adds detergent automatically on timed basis, keeping the belt clean at all times.

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Mesh Belt Return Conveyor

This unique, space-saving conveyor belt unit is fully customizable to fit any size or shape workspace, and solidly built for reliable, long-lasting, industrial use. It allows the belt to take left, right, or “S”-turns with ease while tabs along the side ensure the belt stays on the track, helping to keep your dishes, glasses, and cutlery moving safely.

Available in 12, 15, or 18 inch width configurations, the durable mesh belt is made from a heavy-duty, low-friction resin designed to independently maintain tension.

Powered Roller Rack Transfer Conveyor

Low friction drive powered rollers allow ease of dish rack transfer and staging on multiple levels.

The Powered Roller Rack Conveyor can also turn corners on 36″ center line radius. Effective layouts can be designed combining both powered and gravity rollers, carrying dishracks automatically to the dishmachine.

Slanted shelves are mounted on the Powered Roller Conveyor, giving the operator a convenient location for cup/glass racking.

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PVC Roller Rack Transfer Conveyor

PVC Roller Rack Transfer Conveyor

The simplest way to transfer full dishracks into a C-line or FT dishmachine.

When the gate is in the down position, the gravity roller conveyor transfers the dishracks automatically to the dishmachine.

Carousel Tray Accumulator System

Up to 5 times more storage than typical belt return system. Ideal for universities, colleges, businesses and industries.

Scraping table is ergonomically designed for the easy removal of trays & wares. The integrated trough & bussing conveyor make the operators life a bit easier & efficient. Allowing them to scrap accumulate & bus wares easily.

Both at the top and bottom, carriers ride on the UHMW guides. These guides are designed to reduce friction and give the system a smooth and quiet operation.

Removable tray ladders and carriers for easy maintenance, replacement and cleaning.

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Fastrack System

The compact Fastrack system has an integrated dishtable with water trough for waste removal, overhead shelf for cup and glass racks, and a motorized conveyor carrying loaded dishracks to dishmachine for washing.

Not only the system is efficient handling soiled dishers, its compact design also takes up very little space in the dishroom.

Tray Make Up Conveyor

A compact Tray Make Up conveyor featuring 10″ wide, 2-ply white Neoprene food-grade belt, low voltage controls, variable speed and start stop stations at both ends.

Remote Start Stop Station is conveniently located at the discharge end of conveyor to give the operator additional controls.

A photo-electric sensor is located at discharge end of conveyor to stop the conveyor when activated by a tray. Conveyor re-starts when tray is removed.

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