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Traulsen provides professional expertise and high quality equipment for savvy food service customers who know how important temperature control is – and want peace of mind that their equipment will keep doing its job.

Their customers value high performance, reliability and longevity. They put their trust in Traulsen to deliver on all counts.

Every Traulsen product is engineered, fabricated, assembled and tested at their facility in Fort Worth, Texas. When you are purchasing equipment that is meant to last a long time, you deserve to know not only what goes into it, but where it comes from. Traulsen is proud to offer products designed and built in Texas.

Featured Equipment

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

No matter the application, the demands or the budget, Traulsen refrigerators keep their cool – for now and for decades to come. When the kitchen gets hot and you get busy, their reach-ins work even harder. That’s why Traulsen refrigerators have been the foodservice industry’s gold standard for generations.

But your commercial kitchen is far from the only place you’ll find Traulsen reach-ins hard at work. Anywhere food needs to stay cool, no matter what, their cabinets deliver. And with simple controls, your reach-in really can perform just like the day you bought it – tomorrow, next month and for years to come.

From our affordable G-Series equipment to their fully configurable, premier cabinets, they’re committed to designing reach-ins that support you in creating safe, fresh, and delicious meals. For life.

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
Blast Chillers and Quick Chillers<br />

Blast Chillers and Quick Chillers

Whether you’re new to cook/chill or looking to upgrade, Traulsen can help you prepare food safely and more productively. Protecting your food and your customers is easier than ever when using Traulsen Blast Chillers and Quick Chillers. Each is designed to quickly and safely cool hot foods from their cooked temperature through the HACCP danger zone (between 135ºF to 40ºF) so that they may then be refrigerated until needed for retherming.

The Basic Cook/Chill Process
1. Cook
2. Transfer to your Quick Chiller or Blast Chiller for cooling
3. Remove when done and transfer to a refrigerator for storage
4. Repeat as necessary

Serve fresh tasting food, reduce product spoilage and increase your kitchen’s overall productivity. What’s not to like?

Prep Tables

Just-right cooling keeps your ingredients fresh and ready for serving.

With their full-size TS Series Prep Tables, Traulsen delivers the cooling system that makes exceeding NSF7 requirements an everyday reality. Whether your pan is filled to the brim with lettuce or you’re reaching for that last slice of cheese at the bottom. Traulsen’s Prep Tables will stay consistently fresh and cool. Traulsen’s TempAssure® air-channel system circulates a cool blanket of air above and below prep table pans, extending over the food’s surface and down the entire length of the rail and into the bottom cabinet.

Prep Tables
Undercounter Products<br />

Undercounter Products

Rediscover Traulsen’s legendary reliability in our undercounter product line.

Traulsen made its name on full-height reach-ins, and over 80 years of lessons learned have served them well in designing undercounter cabinets that meet your high expectations.

From optimized airflow to easy-to-use controls, plus all those little features that make the difference with time, their horizontal refrigeration units perform where it counts—recovering and maintaining safe temperatures. From the hottest commercial kitchens to the elementary lunch line, expect your unit to serve you consistently for years to come. Why settle for anything less?

Milk Coolers

A milk cooler that will be there for your children — and their children too.

Traulsen has worked hard to ensure that your school milk cooler provides the value you need both now and in the future. Built to last and easy to use, Traulsen’s Milk Coolers were designed after studying the real-life demands of busy serving lines. Featuring a 100% stainless steel exterior, a reinforced exterior bottom and additionally secured by heavy-duty dunnage racks, you can be certain that our coolers will meet the demands of your toughest customers.

Milk Coolers<br />
Hot Food Holding Cabinets<br />

Heated Cabinets

Traulsen cabinets have kept foods safely cool for decades. But did you know they’ve kept foods safely hot, too?

Some of the same engineering that’s been at the heart of Traulsen refrigeration makes Traulsen’s hot food holding cabinets among the best-in-class.

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone cabinet or heating as part of a dual-temperature unit, expect the same rock-solid construction you know and love from their refrigeration units. Each cabinet delivers consistent, precise temperature control for keeping your food ready to serve.

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