150 YEARS. ONE PURPOSE. Vulcan is dedicated to exceptional commercial cooking equipment. It’s all they do. For more than 150 years, they’ve been recognized as the best-in-class supplier of top-quality, energy efficient equipment. And they do this with one goal in mind: so you can have the ultimate confidence in what you do.

Vulcan is proud of their lineup of superior products and of innovating products that directly address their customers’ needs. From precision performance to unprecedented energy efficiency, their food service equipment solutions aren’t just state of the art. Because they develop our ranges, ovens, griddles, fryers, charbroilers, and steam equipment directly for the end-user, Vulcan products uniquely address pain points to strategically enhance kitchen operations.

Featured Equipment

commercial ranges

Vulcan’s line of best in class ranges offers tailored configurations to fit your unique operation. Durable construction and customer-backed features lower overall cost of ownership and provide structural integrity for years of reliable use.  Create your perfect workstation with our customizable options. Choose from over 300 range configurations in both gas and electric, medium and heavy duty.

V SERIES HEAVY DUTY RANGES: Designed for continuous use in high volume operations. Sturdy construction with 35,000 BTU/hr per burner. Fully customizable.

ENDURANCE RESTAURANT RANGES: Vulcan’s top selling range. Outstanding performance in a busy kitchen but also well suited for smaller operations. 30,000 BTU/hr per burner.

SX RANGES: The lightest-duty and most economically priced range. Perfect for operations with infrequent to moderate use. 28,000 BTU/hr per burner.

Commercial Ranges
Combi Ovens

Combi Ovens

Food that looks better, and tastes better, is the food that you want coming out of your kitchen. And equipment that makes your life easier? Well, that’s just smart cooking. Select the combi oven that’s right for you from Vulcan’s line-up. Doesn’t your kitchen deserve a combi?

TCM COMBI OVEN: Simplicity for entry-level users? Yes. Full control for skilled chefs? Yes again. How about a self-cleaning feature – and a choice of sizes to perfectly complete your Vulcan kitchen? You know the answer.

ABC7 COMBI OVEN: The ABC combi oven/steamer offers the ultimate ease of use, just set the temperature, time and go. There is no programming required. While operation is simple, the technology behind it results in excellent combi cooking performance and results.

MINIJET™ COMBI OVEN: The Minijet™ takes the complexity out of combi cooking so you can take full advantage of the speed, precision and versatility combis are supposed to offer – all in an oven sized to thrive in your kitchen.

convection ovens

Vulcan convection ovens are the workhorse of your kitchen, delivering superior results and long-lasting value. Choose from gas or electric models and a host of versatile features and configurations suited for every professional foodservice need. With simple, intuitive controls, gentle air circulation and even heat distribution, these all-purpose ovens produce delicious and perfectly cooked meals. Save on operating costs with our energy-efficient heat recovery system.

VC4 SERIES: The all-time, best-selling Vulcan Convection Oven. Great baking performance with options to meet the diverse needs of any food service operation. With a recently updated and refreshed design, the VC4 continues to be an industry stalwart.

VC5 SERIES: The newest addition to Vulcan’s line up of outstanding full-size Convection Ovens. The VC5 features our patented, award-winning dishwasher safe removeable doors. It’s called the “5” because it comes in their 5 most popular stock configurations.

SPECIALTY OVENS: Vulcan’s premium baking Convection Oven. Featuring the same great baking performance, and with upgrades to 60,000 Btu and a Gentle Bake Mode switch for more delicate heat when needed.

Convection Ovens


Vulcan continues to lead the industry with its wide line of reliable, high-performance griddles. From customizable platforms to traditional standard quick ship models, Vulcan offers gas and electric countertop griddles to meet any operational need. Their griddles exclusively feature innovations like Rapid Recovery™ composite griddle plates for increased production and IRX™ infrared burner technology to reduce gas spend. Serve consistent, great-tasting food with Vulcan’s durable and hard-working griddles.


Vulcan charbroilers set the standard for durability, performance and food quality in the foodservice industry. With features such as heat deflector panels, a patented grate design and exclusive IRX™ infrared burner technology, their charbroilers deliver increased production capacity while conserving gas usage to maximize your cooking operation. If you’re looking for high productivity, superior product quality and durable construction, Vulcan charbroilers are unmatched.

Braising Pans

Braising Pans

Vulcan commercial braising pans offer more standard features than the competition, including coved interior corners for quick cleaning. The popular V Series braiser has a stainless steel fully-welded one-piece design and satin interior and exterior finish, allowing restaurant chefs to braise, sauté, simmer, fry and grill with ease. Vulcan has produced equipment for braising for over 150 years, enabling successful restaurant braising and K-12 school cooking across the country.


Vulcan’s innovative fryers are easy to operate and maintain, maximizing productivity and minimizing your restaurant’s operational costs. With faster recovery, they are designed to be the most profitable pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. The best part? Many models are available for immediate shipment.

Vulcan offers four different fryer control systems to meet your operational needs. The most basic control is snap action/standing pilot and includes millivolt controls. No electronic connection required for operation. A step up from snap action is solid state. This premium control allows operators to set the exact temperature within two degrees and includes analog, digital or computer controls. Solid state controls require 120V.



Restaurant overfired broilers and cheesemelters are must-haves for today’s busy foodservice operations, and Vulcan’s gas and electric offerings set the standard.

UPRIGHT BROILER: Warm, bake or broil large amounts of food in little time. Commonly used for steaks and other cuts of meat.

SALAMANDER: Cook and broil foods at high temperatures (in addition to finishing dishes.)

CHEESEMELTER: Put finishing touches on any dish. Melt cheese, toast bread or caramelize desserts right before they are served.


Enjoy all the advantages of steam cooking with our complete line of gas and electric steamers. From compact countertop steamers to high-efficiency boilerless models, Vulcan commercial steamers allow you to offer more of the fresh options your guests crave. When you’re seeking fast cooking times, ease of use, and spectacular results, look no further than Vulcan steamers.



Vulcan’s durable holding and transport food warming cabinets offer the top-of-the-line features your restaurant and commercial operations need most. Stainless steel construction inside and out plus an industry best 10 year element warranty contribute to a long and efficient lifespan for your Vulcan warming equipment.

DRAWER WARMERS: Keep meats, vegetables and rolls hot and fresh for serving using Vulcan’s built-in or freestanding units.

INSULATED HOLDING CABINETS: Proof bread or keep a variety of foods warm with maximum efficiency.

NON-INSULATED HOLDING CABINETS: An economical choice for low volume operations with shorter holding periods.


Vulcan’s commercial kettles are designed with state-of-the-art features like permanent embossed markings for improved ease of use and accuracy in any commercial operation. While serving as the perfect soup kettle, our versatile kettles (with or without a steam jacket) can also be used for stews, broths, sauces, pastas and more.

TRUE WORKING CAPACITY: Ellipsodial bottom provides more capacity than other kettles on the market.

HEAVY BAR RIM: For added durability, protection and longer life in heavier volume environments.

INTUITIVE DESIGN: Easy to use operator controls with warm, simmer and boil selections.


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