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Durability, dependability and meticulous attention to detail.

For more than 75 years, Gaylord has revolutionized kitchen ventilation with systems known for durability, dependability and meticulous attention to detail.

Today, Gaylord continues with groundbreaking designs and innovative approaches to solving the two main priorities facing foodservice operators: energy savings and labor optimization.

Gaylord Industries tests and certifies our products to comply to Intertek’s ETL Certification program. The ETL Mark, is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

Their expert professionals understand this industry is built on relationships. They believe that being responsive and delivering on promises is the only way to do business. So throughout the specification, production and installation process, our team provides relevant and accurate information ensuring consultant and foodservice operator needs are met. Always.

Featured Equipment

Ventilation Systems

Delivering the best air volume performance in the industry.

Gaylord’s EL Series Ventilation Systems deliver the best air volume performance in the industry. For cooking applications from extra heavy- to light-duty, our ELXC, ELX and EL are all custom designed to boost efficiency, reduce costs and save energy.

Their latest patented pollution control ventilator, The Eliminator, is designed to meet the growing need to abate smoke and diminish odor in a small, cost effective footprint.

Trust Gaylord’s kitchen air management specialist to help boost productivity, improve efficiency and enhance your overall working environment – all while lowering your long-term cost of operation.

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Standard commercial kitchen ventilation systems typically operate at their maximum designed speed and/or volume throughout the duration of the kitchen’s operating hours. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation provides automated control over the ventilation system by modulating fan speed in response to the presence and level of cooking activity. Demand control kitchen ventilation reduces power consumption by 25% – 70% of full speed and will produce HVAC savings proportional to the reduction in airflow of approximately 10 to 50%. Gaylord’s Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) options offer solutions for optimizing value and energy efficiency in your foodservice operation. In addition to energy savings, DCKV offers optimized HVAC efficiencies, reduced kitchen noise and increased kitchen comfort.

Smoke & Odor Control

Cooking odors (molecules) generated by the cooking of animal and vegetable matter result in an extremely complex mixture of reactive organic gases. A small percentage of these odors may be found in the grease particles but the vast majority of the odor exist separately in the air stream as vapor. Gaylord Industries offers charcoal, odor-oxidant, or charcoal/odor oxidant blend as the standard method and spray odor control as an option. Neither of these methods is 100% effective at removing all the odor so it is recommended that the discharge location for the exhaust system be placed in the least offensive location possible to minimize issues from odor.

Gaylord Industries has manufactured Pollution Control Equipment specifically designed for commercial kitchen exhaust systems since the early 1970’s, longer than any other manufacturer. This experience has made them acutely aware of the special engineering, operational, and maintenance considerations to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective design for your foodservice operation.

Utility Distribution System (UDS)

The Gaylord Distributor™ is a cutting-edge Utility Distribution System (UDS) that’s superior to a contractor-built wall—in every way. Designed for today’s modern kitchen with the operator’s needs in mind, the Distributor provides every required service—electrical, gas, hot and cold water, steam, condensate return, compressed air and chilled water—to the cooking equipment, all in an attractive, pre-engineered unit. Available in a variety of configurations including island, wall-mounted and ceiling, the Distributor delivers the ultimate in flexibility, expandability, safety, cleanliness and convenience.

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