The future of cooking is digital.



Introducing true digital cooking in a commercial oven.

Until now, cooking has been a one-way street, blindly pushing heat and energy into your food with no feedback, resulting in hot and cold spots. The IBEX rapid-cook oven changes the game, engaging food in a real-time culinary conversation as it Heats, Learns and Adapts™ to deliver delectable, consistent results. IBEX brings proven solid-state RF technology to the commercial kitchen for the first time. And because the IBEX high-speed oven is preprogrammed for your exact menu, you’ll get consistently delicious results every time.

IBEX Rapid-Cook Oven

Conventional cooking equipment forces busy kitchens to make a trade-off between speed and quality. With solid-state radio frequency technology, the IBEX commercial oven delivers all the speed you need — and all the quality customers want. Your new IBEX oven will make all this possible:

– High-finesse cooking in one step
– Up to 10x cooking speed
– Edge-to-edge uniform doneness
– Full-batch flexibility
– Industry-leading reliability
– Unlimited menu expansion capability
– Fully ventless protein cooking

The IBEX high-speed oven quickly cooks single portions, multi-component meals and full batches. With its dual-tray capacity — and in and out cooking with IBEX I/O™ — you won’t waste time waiting for one dish to finish before starting the next. The IBEX oven resets the rhythm of your kitchen, eliminating bottlenecks and allowing your team to work quickly and efficiently

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