Essential Equipment for Celebrating Spring’s Signature Events

April 29, 2024

Spring is the season where our calendars are naturally packed with events that bring people together over great food. From Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day, each celebration has its own flavor, and our Ignite team is here to ensure you’re fully equipped for your customers.

Spice Things Up for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo calls for vibrant flavors and festive gatherings. Traulsen’s Prep Tables ensure that taco toppings — from cheeses and veggies to savory sauces — remain fresh and cool. Thanks to the TempAssure air-channel system, a consistent flow of cool air surrounds the prep pans, maintaining optimal freshness. For overnight storage, simply cover the pans with plastic wrap and close the rail cover—it’s effortlessly efficient! Additionally, Traulsen’s Hot Holding Cabinets employ a dynamic air circulation system to keep your tacos, nachos, rice, and other festive favorites warm until service.

Margaritas, anyone? Spaceman has got you covered here with frozen drink machines that feature patented freezing technology for a quick freeze and recovery times. With countertop and floor-standing models, choose the one that best fits your needs because you will be using it all summer long.

Glycol Prep Table

The Tradition of the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby isn’t just about the races — it’s about style and tradition. Serving up fried chicken with your menu? Vulcan and Wolf both have fryer options that are easy to operate and maintain. Many models are available for immediate shipment. Chicago Metallic has tin and aluminum pans for your pecan pies. If baking is a part of your business, ask us about Baxter equipment.

Treating Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day sees numerous families dining out—ensure they don’t have to wait with equipment from Alto-Shaam! Converge Multi-Cook Ovens pair the versatility of combi cooking (up to three combis in one) and the flexibility of a multi-cook oven in a small footprint. Countertop Vector Multi-Cook Ovens are waterless, stackable, and ventless, so you can prepare food quickly in up to four independent chambers — with no flavor transfer.

Memorial Day: The Unofficial Start of Summer

Memorial Day is synonymous with the start of summer and outdoor gatherings. Prepare your summer menu with our selection of char broilers, smokers, rotisseries, and more. Interested in offering creative artisanal pizzas? Wood Stone’s ONEREV Labor Saver Rotating Pizza Oven ensures perfectly baked pizzas in just one rotation.

At Ignite, our business is not just about foodservice equipment — it’s about enhancing experiences. We’re passion about food and people and that’s why we’re happy to be in your kitchen, no matter the occasion. Schedule a visit to one of our test kitchens to try out equipment and recipe ideas with our chefs and get ready for the season ahead!

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